Got Beer? A Competition, A Festival and a Nooner

The Ocean State Homebrew Competition is on once again. It’s time for you avid homebrewers to test your mettle for the coveted prize. There can be only one!

I’m kidding. If your brew is good enough, you could win a ribbon for your category, and if it’s really good, you might even grab a spot at the top for the Best in Show. Whether you’re a novice homebrewer with some talent or an old, experienced brewmaster of the kitchen, there’s no reason not to send in some bottles. At the conclusion, even if you don’t win, you’ll receive the judging sheets from the event with helpful notes and comments so you can fine-tune your recipe for next time.

This illustrious competition began at the Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute, and has since blossomed into a powerful, popular competition that sees hundreds and hundreds of entries pop their tops. But hurry, this competition fills up fast, though I’m sure they’d be happy to have volunteers both judging and stewarding.

This competition is sponsored by, among others, Doherty’s Ale House, Two Roads Brewing, BeerSmith, White Labs, Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies, Craft Brew Supplies, Trinity Brewhouse and the Rhode Island Brewing Society. For more info, go to

Sierra Nevada Nooner

I’m never disappointed by Sierra Nevada. I think the only bad thing I can say about them is that their brews aren’t all mind-blowingly awesome. Don’t get me wrong, the Torpedo, Ruthless Rye and Celebration can take over my taps any day, but I think Sierra just spoils me too much with wonderful brews like these, and of course, their new Pilsner the Nooner.

A great deal of beer snobs turn their noses up even higher at the mention of the word “pilsner,” but we all know that the typical macro pilsners bear as much resemblance to the original style as a cardboard cutout of Arnold Shwarzenegger does to a cybernetic killing machine from the future.

The Nooner is a delicious, crisp little pilsner that is so light and sessionable that it may have achieved perfection. As a craft beer, it’s a phenomenal, pale-golden crisp brew with just a hint of earthy notes that play along the palate, and leaves an excellent, delicate lacing on the glass. As a newcomer to craft beer, it’s an amazing crossover brew that can show the typical Liteweight what a real beer is supposed to taste like.

America On Tap

America On Tap is coming to Providence June 13 at Roger Williams Park. America On Tap is sort of a traveling beer festival that sets up shop in a state and gets the ball rolling by talking to the state’s craft beer scene and local breweries in order to put on a celebration of our favorite beverage. Not only will this festival feature local and national beers, but you’ll get to enjoy them next to live music, food and the beautiful summertime scenery of our own Roger Williams Park. For more info visit

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