Got Beer? A Peek Into Doherty’s Ale House Lakeside

Fans of craft beer in Coventry will have something to celebrate this summer as the all-new Doherty’s Ale House Lakeside takes over the old Nino’s on Tiogue Ave. Once the only spot in the area to find entertainment for young locals, Nino’s was a staple of Coventry’s social life for many years, offering both good food and an amazing view, and opening its doors to a variety of events and celebrations.

When it closed, a piece of Coventry’s history closed with it.

The restaurant has since been purchased by the Tapp’d Restaurant group, whose other restaurants you might know if you’re in the beer scene such as Doherty’s East Ave, Doherty’s Ale House and Shannon View Inn.

For right now, many of the details are secret, partly because it’s so early in the planning stages that not everything has been worked out, and partly because these guys have some big plans. I was lucky enough to get a little info on the new attraction. I’m told that the old Nino’s is going to undergo quite a renovation. While the old girl will still have outdoor seating and the ability to host events, the middle of what once was the dance floor will be dominated by an ambitious horseshoe-shaped bar intended to accommodate 101 beer taps for only the latest and greatest brews RI has to offer.

You can expect the new Ale House to feature the same lineup of great beer events that follow the Doherty’s name — pint nights, beer dinners and more. The outdoor seating will feature a beautiful view of Lake Tiogue, which will pair well with the seafood offerings on the menu.

While it’s still too early to get an official opening date, at least our readers in Coventry can look forward to a major craft beer destination. Like most places in this state, even small towns and villages are starting to get in on the craft beer craze. Coventry opened a Fat Belly’s a few years ago, a great chain of Irish-style pubs with some nice craft beers on tap, and a Twisted Pizza recently graced Tiogue Ave as well, with a functioning bar and some tantalizing taps. Even humble downtown Arctic is host to Boneheads Wing Bar, with a great craft beer selection.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the progress of Jack D’s latest project, but right now the building’s renovations have barely even begun, so you’ll have to wipe up that anticipatory drool for now. Believe me, though, come opening night, I’m sure we’ll all be lined up to see what beer bar innovations are in store for us at Doherty’s Ale House Lakeside.

Ommegang’s Game of Thrones, Three Eyed Raven

If you’re a fan of the juggernaut of fantasy that is George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, A.K.A. Game of Thrones, and you’re a fan of fine craft beer, then you should know that Ommegang has been releasing a series of beers based on the beloved series. Some of the others in this series are Fire & Blood, and Scythe & Sickle. Well, they’ve dispensed with the Dungeons & Dragons naming model and come out with a dark saison called Three-Eyed Raven. Long-time readers will know that I’m not usually a fan of saisons. They’re just not my pint of brew. My palate prefers sweeter, hoppier, spicier or more roasty brews, but I think I’ve finally found one I like. The peppery saison flavors seem balanced by the sweeter, roasted malts to mellow the flavor a bit. It adds a nice twist on an old style similar to black IPAs. Of course, if you find yourself having visions, dreams or memories of being a wolf, I’m sorry to say that you’re not becoming a shaman of the Old Gods, but rather, should find shelter and medical assistance because you’ve clearly had too much.

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