Album Of The Week: Ron Gallo’s Heavy Meta

a1941627572_16Just when you think that rock ‘n’ roll is just copying itself, someone puts out a record that turns the genre on its head. With a flurry of twangy garage punk comes Ron Gallo and his second full-length, Heavy Meta. It’s unapologetically raw and absolutely electrifying. There’s also a trademark spin that Gallo puts on the record that gives each track a proper dose of originality. It shows that the former Toy Soldiers frontman has come a long way both artistically and stylistically since he moved to Nashville from the rugged confines of Philadelphia a few years ago.

Gallo still has that soulful voice of his, but the tone is edgy and sharp. There’s also a unique array of harmonies that gives it a hint of pop in an album chock full of riffs and rhythm. He goes all in on Heavy Meta with an unprecedented and flawless flow and intensity. Gallo is fearless with his vocal delivery and he does a whole lot of howling. From the start, there’s an aim to please and by the end, the ears will be amazed.

There’s some swagger in Gallo’s latest release. Imagine if Joe Walsh decided to listen to a bunch of T. Rex records before he started James Gang, and Heavy Meta is in that vein. It’s unrelentingly emphatic while resonating endless cool. Lyrically, it’s all honesty and genuine angst. To get a further look, let’s check out my top tracks off of the Album Of The Week.

A prime example of Gallo’s stellar guitar techniques and tones is “Kill The Medicine Man.” There are those harmonies again, and the chorus shouts over sheer electricity. For anyone who can’t stand the current generation of incompetent adults, “Why Do You Have Kids?” is your anthem. It’s a raucous track that has Gallo crooning about how today’s children have no one to look up to due to the dysfunction of the American family. Another badass number is “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me,” an amplified song that hits hard and speaks for the sane.

Gallo just celebrated the release of Heavy Meta at The High Watt in Nashville on February 4. He’ll be having another celebration in his hometown of Philadelphia at Creep Records on February 24 with Chicago doo-wop garage rock phenoms Modern Vices and fellow hometown hero Matt Kelly. For us New Englanders, he’ll be doing a two-night stay at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Mass, with Hurray for the Riff Raff on April 18 & 19. Rhode Island heartthrob Dylan Sevey is Gallo’s drummer, so there’s more incentive to check him out live. Until he comes to your friendly neighborhood music venue, grab a copy of Heavy Meta and get your brain melted.

Stream Heavy Meta via Ron Gallo’s Bandcamp:; Ron Gallo’s Website:



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