Hip-Hop: The Wave of the Future Live-Streaming Events

T he music scene in RI is currently at an all-time high. Young individuals are taking it upon themselves to curate events for the community, and with today’s online world, artists and companies are looking for new ways to gain exposure. Live-streaming has become one such major platform.
I recently attended an event by B08 studios called “On The Come Up” and they took a unique approach: their entire event was streamed live in HD to Facebook so that viewers could watch from the comfort of their own homes. This was easily one of the most interesting things I have seen this year, so I spoke with B08 to get more information.
Spocka Summa (Motif): What is B08?
B08: B08 Studios is a multimedia production studio that offers a wide range of services. We offer audio recording, editing, mixing & mastering. We also have a small studio dedicated specifically for podcasts, where we have all the equipment necessary to assist with live-streaming, as well as audio/video recording and editing for the podcasts. Aside from that, we do video recording, video editing, photography, and graphic design – including logos, flyers, ads, and clothing designs. B08 Studio hosts numerous music, entertainment, live-stream and networking events throughout the year.
SS: What is the goal?
B08: The main goal of B08 Studios is to provide affordable and quality creative services to artists, businesses, organizations, etc. We hope to provide opportunities and a platform for others to grow and achieve their individual goals.
SS: How did B08 get its start?
B08: B08 studios started a few years back as a group of people with a common interest in music, art and entertainment. We needed a place to get creative and pursue our passions. That eventually grew and blossomed into a company where we follow our passions while helping others follow theirs.
SS: Tell us about On The Come Up.
B08: On The Come Up is an online event that we live-stream on social media. It’s like no other. It focuses on local talent that we believe are on their way to greatness and provides a platform for them to gain exposure. We’ve been doing this event for three years, as well as a couple of other events.
SS: What made you want to create this as an online event?
B08: Live-streaming events with performances and interviews weren’t really being done at that time. We wanted a way to share local music and brands to a new audience. Showcasing the artists and giving them new music was a dope experience.
SS: What’s next for you?
B08: We have numerous events in the works right now. Our next big event will be “Unsigned Hype,” presented in partnership with Summer 88, and this is another event we’ve been doing for three years. It features local music acts and is altogether an experience you won’t want to miss. The fourth installment of Unsigned Hype is in the works and the dates will be posted on our social media accounts.
SS: How do you feel about the most recent one?
B08: We feel that it was a great environment and an overall successful night.
SS: What is next for B08 studios?
B08: We hope to continue to grow as a company, and we’re always working and progressing toward becoming better at what we do. We hope to see bigger projects and opportunities to showcase our talents as well as others’ talents.
SS: Where can people find you?
B08: You can find us on all social media: Instagram: @b08studio; Twitter: @b08studio; fb.com/B08Studios, and to find our website or email us, go to b08studio.com & b08studio@gmail.com. We’re very down to earth and easy to communicate with, so please contact us with any inquires and ideas! And always remember, anything is possible if you put your mind & heart into it. There are no limits to your dreams.

As I mentioned, the music scene is growing in new and exciting ways. I am excited to see what is next for the online streaming world.

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