Hoppy Halloween: Party like its 1989

If you’re anything like me, you spent your Fourth of July binging the third season of “Stranger Things.” Lucky for us, our paranormal protagonists don’t stop at one holiday. This Halloween is bound to be full of Scoops Ahoy cosplay, ’80s nostalgia and the iconic bloody nose made famous by Eleven. The image is so iconic that it is the literal face of Revival Brewing Company’s strawberry chocolate milk stout Rad, which gives neapolitan lovers a bang for their buck. The iconic logo was designed by Revival’s exclusive graphic artist AJ Paglia, an alumni of Rhode Island College who has also designed merch for pop stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Blink 182. 

On October 25, from 5pm to midnight at Revival Brewery in Cranston, you can party like it’s 1989 and get down “Stranger Things” style to celebrate Revival Brewing Company’s 8th anniversary, as well as the birthdays of Sean, Owen and Tim, three of Revival’s best brewers and self-proclaimed “Scorpio Babies.” DJ Chris Steele will be pumping out ’80s hits until 8pm when The Carson Daily takes over and promises to play only the best ’80s and ’90s throwbacks. Singer and guitarist Paul Giammarco says, “We are a pop punk emo band; most pop punk and emo are heavily influenced [by] and cover 80s music, so it only makes sense.” When asked if they have any plans to play “The NeverEnding Story” theme from the recent season of “Stranger Things,” Giammarco says he can “neither confirm nor deny.” That sounds pretty positive to me! 

In addition to Rad, Revival will serve their anniversary beer, which will be a limited edition black IPA variant of their very first launch beer Never Better. The variant recipe is being kept under wraps until the night of the party, so unless you too have a sixth sense, you’ll have to be there to see it for yourself. If you get hungry, Revival promises to be “pumping out your favorite foods from your pubescent childhood.” The roof of my mouth is already burning. 

Long Live the ’80s! Literally. If you’re still thirsty for ’80s nostalgia after partying in the Upsidedown you’re in luck. The party continues on All Hallow’s Eve at Long Live Beerworks at 40R Sprague Street in PVD. Don’t expect anything less than the best (technically a ’90s reference) from owners Jessica and Armando, who love Halloween just as much as they love each other and brewing some of RI’s best beer. They love it so much that this Halloween party is a successor to their Summerween party they threw back in August. 

Show up in your October best, because you can expect a costume contest, DJ, dancing, prizes, candy and more at Long Live. Since their move from their first location on Fountain St. in April, Long Live has been making the most of their beautiful new space. The minimalist, modern, open air taproom is the perfect place for a party. You can also look forward to the release of a familiar “feline forward” beer that Long Live loyals are already meowing for. Too much? Maybe. But that’s okay because it’s Halloween and anything goes! 

The ’80s were a magical time (I’m assuming, I was born in 1993). But one thing they lacked was a kick-ass craft beer scene. This Halloween PVD has the chance to bring it all together and enjoy the best of both worlds. Who knows? If the Gremlins got drunk on craft beer, they may have just chilled out and played a cordial game of Jenga instead of terrorizing a town.

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