HxC: The Fall-fest Is Coming

outThe Providence hardcore scene is back and in full swing in November when the guys from The Funky Jungle, Firehouse 13 and AS220 get together with Riotous Outburst Records to host their 3rd annual Fall-fest. This four-day fest, taking place November 12 through 15, is bringing bands from Boston, Philly, Japan and even Spain to get together and celebrate what they do best. Ranging from punk hardcore to grindcore and face melting powerviolence, these bands know how to put on a show. The newest local powerviolence band, Power Whores, will play alongside two other locals on the second day of the fest at As220.

The fest leads up to the sick legends of hardcore coming to Providence in early December to celebrate 20 years of “Set It Off.” Madball will be joined by Turnstile, Death Before Dishonor, Take Offense and Downpresser at Simons 677 on December 7. This is a show to mark on your calenders. Providence is pulling together some of the best lineups for the upcoming holiday season, and tickets to these shows could sell out fast. Don’t forget to pick up tickets and support the locals!

Nov. 12: The Funky Jungle — InCircles, Bible Fiction, Child Ride, Bad Motherfucker

Nov. 13: As220 — Backstabbers INC, I Am Become Death, Ask The Dead, David Carridine, Power Whores

Nov. 14: Firehouse 13 — Notox, Budd Dwyer, Pink Mass, Intheshit, Intercourse, Radio Carbon, Mama Ladilla

Nov. 15: Firehouse 13 — Disaster Strikes, Ratstab, Dutchguts, New Turks, Drones for Queens, Set, Socialized Death Sentence

Nov. 21: As220 — Dead Empire, Terror Eyes, Pink Eye, TBA

Nov. 24: Firehouse 13 — Homewrecker, Pharaoh, Fuming Mouth, Power Whores, Hospital Bomber, Gator King


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