IMBIBE: A Beertail or Four

Lust-Worthy Concoctions

If beer is proof of God’s love for us, then beer cocktails (beertails) are proof of man’s ability to lust.

And lust you will when you try these concoctions from my friend and the very well-schooled Scott Lefler, assistant manager of Eno Fine Wines. Scott’s command of all things beer-worthy can also be sought out on Saturdays at Norey’s in Newport, behind the bar of course.

Now let’s talk twitterpation, because it’s spring and I’m again reiterating how lusty these beer cocktails can make a girl. Or boy. Well. Yeah … On with the show. Get your straws out, kids.

What: Blue Botanist

Go Get:

-1/2 oz. Uncle Val’s Gin (substitue with another botanical gin)

-1/2 oz. St. Germain

-1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

Make it: shake above on ice and add

-4 oz. Hofstettner – Saphirbock (substitute any Maibock/pale bock)

-3 or 4 dashes of Reagan’s orange bitters

serve on the rocks

“I look forward to spring most, on the beer calendar, as Maibocks are a personal favorite,” shares Scott. Maibocks are known for aromatics. This drink offers a touch of weighty maltiness with a pleasant smack on your lips. Kinda great for April showers.

What: Vapeur

Go Get:

-1/2 oz. Genever/Gin

-1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice

Make it: shake the above on ice and add:

-4 oz. Dupont – Saison (substitute another dryer/higher attenuated Saison)

serve on the rocks

You want something simple and easy? Then the Vapeur is your beertail. It is dry, tart and more thirst quenching.  One for now and a harbinger of warmer days.

What: Femme Nord

Go Get:

-1 oz. Tanqueray Malacca gin (substitute with a modern or botanical gin)

-1/2 oz. Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao (substitute with triple sec)

-2 oz. San Pellegrino Limonata

-2 oz. Dupont – Saison

Make it: gently stir and serve tall on the rocks

If you have a soft spot for the classic White Lady like Scott does, then try his riff on it. Femme Nord is a spritzy, citrusy, boozy little thang full of refreshment for spring and summer.

And finally, because we’re talking about mixing it up, Scott’s created a nasty good little gem that’s whimsical, or so he says. You can tell by the name…

What: FUIH (f— you i am hungover)

Go Get:

-1/2 oz. St. Germain

-1/2 oz. Uncle Val’s Gin

-1/2 oz. St. George Absinthe

-1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

Make it: shake above vigorously on ice, strain and add

-4 oz. Hofstettner Saphirbock

serve without ice

This is like a spring Sazerac, for a hungover brunch.  WARNING: numbs the tongue.

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