Imbibe: Black Cider Incinerator


In need of a cocktail? Fulfill that need and make yourself a Black Cider Incinerator.

There is no perfect cocktail.

Like in dating, there are both attractive and wholly unattractive features in potential mates. And for enthusiasts of the ever-growing cocktail scene, this attraction/repulsion cycle plays on: There are highbrow and lowbrow cocktails; cocktails you would never introduce to mom; and the ones you nervously bring home to your friends and family for approval.

In other words, it’s about a good match. Some of the cocktails we’re featuring are the darlings next door that almost everyone does – or should – like. Others might be that strangely attractive creature you cannot explain why you dig, but holy hell you can’t stop thinking about it/him/her.

Cocktails can be masculine, feminine and everything in between. (If we’re gonna anthropomorphize them, that is).

We’re exploring what’s on the bars, in the history books, splashed on celluloid and dropped on your lips.

This month: February

It’s that time of year where many shudder in fear of being stabbed in the back by that perverse and chubby flying toddler, Cupid. Little bastard.

So it just makes sense to find a place called a snuggery**, hunker down and ask them what’s in the shaker. Enter, The Duck and Bunny. Because they can’t use liquor in their cocktails, the creative staff whirls together variations of beer, cider and wine with homemade concoctions of simple syrups, herbs, juices and other accoutrement.

What: Black Cider Incinerator

Found where: The Duck & Bunny, a snuggery

Go get:

–       3 Basil leaves

–       1tsp cinnamon and raw sugar

–       ¼ Pint of Magner’s Cider

–       ¾ Cup Chook Sparkling Shiraz (approx.)

–       Cubed ice

–       A muddling tool, extra pint glass, and a spoon

Make it: Muddle the basil leaves with the cinnamon and sugar in the bottom of a pint glass. Pour in the Magner’s and then gently the Chook. Stir and pour.

Serve in: 1 pint glass, filled with cubed ice and rimmed with cinnamon and raw sugar. Dress ‘er up with a cinnamon stick if you’re feeling classy.

**[Author’s note to the bitter, cynical and/or single: The likelihood of throwing cupcakes at happy couples here is exponentially increased with cocktail ingestion. You’ve been warned. Bring a chaperone.]

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