IMBIBE: I Put a Spell On You

20170127_165409Most of us have a favorite holiday. For Morgan Kaegael of Bywater, Valentine’s Day it ain’t. So why in the world would I ask her to come up with a Valentine’s Day cocktail? Because this woman makes bad-ass drinks. And you, kind drinkers, deserve a bad-ass drink while we wait for that chubby, scantily clad little dude to strike us with arrows on February 14.

Morgan divines her concoctions at Bywater on Water Street in Warren. Sidenote – everything here is lovely from the amazing brown bread and butter they serve to the air plants dangling near the entryway. It is, in fact, a great date spot. Or if it’s a random Wednesday, a great treat yo’self date for one. Either way.

“I pulled out everything pink and red and bitter when you asked me to make a Valentine’s cocktail,” Morgan said smiling wryly. Pink. Red. Bitter. Perfect.

What: I Put a Spell on You

Found Where: Bywater, 54 State St, Warren

Go Get:

1 oz Glendalough Gin

.5 oz Greenhook Beachplum Liqueur

.5 oz Lillet Rose

.5 oz Homemade Pear Syrup*

Splash of lemon

Splash of Campari

Few dashes of love potion #9

.5 oz egg white

Make: Dry shake all the ingredients, add a scoop of ice, vigorously shake for 20 seconds, strain into coupe, float a lemon twist and add a couple dashes of Angostura bitters (I dare you to place them as prettily as Morgan did).

Now enjoy this blushing cloud of a drink – not too sweet with the slightest bitter finish – as you stare into your date’s eyes. Or into your phone.

*This is Morgan’s secret. You can make your own, but maybe just head to Bywater instead. 

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