Hip-Hop: Iris Creamer’s Denim

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You may have seen Iris Creamer at Providence events, as she’s very supportive of creativity in the city. And listening to Creamer is an experience. Not only does she perform, she curates her own shows to showcase others! She recently dropped a short project called Denim, which speaks to her passion for creative expression.

This project is about 18 minutes of trance with a whole pocket full of hip-hop flavor. Creamer has the range of Awful Records’ Abra, but holds listeners with her thoughtful, minimalist sentiments. When this project is playing, it’s very easy to embody a “life can’t be so hard” attitude.

There’s something else about Creamer’s music: she empowers everyone. Some songs aim toward women listeners, telling them to be the best they can be and without letting anyone hold them back. It also asks male listeners to be more respectful of the women in their lives. Her music oozes a “you want me ‘cus I’m me” attitude. Pink Pistol II, which came out in the spring, is an absolute stand-out record to represent this attitude, but at the same time, it’s multifaceted with a vulnerable song like ‘La Luna’ that expresses emotions through light Spanish vocals.

Creamer shows even more creativity on the mostly self-produced Denim. This is a project you could hear once for the beats, another time for the lyrics and a third time for the fullest possible enjoyment.

Listen to Denim on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud!

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