January Pinup: Bettysioux Tailor

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How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?
My resolution is to procrastinate less… I decided it would be best if I started really concentrating on this resolution in February.

What do you do every day to take care of yourself?
Hug and snuggle my dog Emma.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever tried – or considered trying – to improve your health?
I don’t tend to try health fads but I almost considered doing that coconut oil gargle swish thing.

We’re emerging from some frigid temps. How did you spend those sub-zero days?
I was actually snug in a hotel for three days at a Burlesque Expo.

In the winter, are you an outdoor or an indoor exerciser? Or are you not an exerciser? We won’t judge. 
I prefer exercise in the form of dance! I take tap lessons and I teach a dance-based exercise class every week. Ahem, Burlesquercize, Wednesday at 6 at Hope Artiste Village (shameless plug). Indoors of course!

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