January Pinup of the month: Miss Wensday of Cotillion

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What do you never leave home without?
My disarming smile; it’s like a skeleton key that can open many doors.
Do you have a pet peeve?
Please let me never hear anyone chew anything!
What’s your favorite book?
100 Years of Solitude
What’s your favorite movie?
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
Have you ever done something unusual to cure an illness? I once heard that if you crumple up a piece of paper and put it behind your ear it will cure hiccups. You may not be surprised to learn it did not work.
When you’re sick, what always makes you feel better?
The only way to not feel sick when I am sick is to sleep. So if I can, I do a lot of that. Any kind of multivitamin with C and Bs takes care of a cold for me and it never gets full blown. (Pun intended).
If you were really a nurse, what type of patient would you want to take care of and why?
I’m obsessed with antiquated medical practices, probably because my maternal great-grandfather was a horse and buggy doctor in Providence in the Victorian era. My paternal grandfather was an osteopath and the doctor for the Cleveland Browns. I was a body piercer in the ‘90s, which is the closest I ever came to being a nurse, but with all the bodily fluids I had to deal with, I’d say that’s as close as I’d want to get!


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