Letter to the Editor: School Walkout

To the Editor:

There are many people who have lived in different areas growing up as a child. For others they’ve might’ve been more exposed to a softer side that have created a “bubble” around them. Others like me have been exposed to certain things others may have not, like guns and drugs. I’ve saw a gun in person and have loaded one. My opinion on gun control isn’t strong. I just feel as if more control laws would have no effect besides making things worse. For example, when kids are given more rules in school there’s a tendency of the rules to be broken more often. So I think people will find ways to get guns more illegally and more school shootings will happen.

In the speech called “we call BS” a lot of things were said in a very emotional way and I felt nothing from it. Maybe its because I’m “heartless” and “ignorant” but I just don’t get why people are worked up upon something they can have no control over.  The student said something along the lines of “and in this case if you actively do nothing, people continually end up dead, so it’s time to start doing something” people do things and eventually end up dead. It’s just how life works you live and you die maybe it’s not the best thing but either way you’ll end up dead. Some not as early as others but hey? Stuff happens. A walkout is just another excuse for a student to have a half day, people just tie things around it so it can be “meaningful.”

Hate me if you’d like but it’s my honest truth.

Joel Man

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