Kaya Stewart Rocked the Theater Awards

IMG_2829174Being the daughter of a famous musician can make you live in one hell of a shadow, especially when you’re born to a member of a band as big as the Eurythmics. Fortunately for Kaya Stewart, her radiance and charisma shine through, and she is an amazing performer and artist in her own right.

Motif had the pleasure of having Kaya and her band as our closing act for the beloved annual Theater Awards, held at Fete Music Hall on Sunday, August 7. This event was entertaining with a lot of colorful characters, and Kaya was a perfect fit. Stewart and her band are high energy, pop greatness. They use traditional instruments with new electronic sounds to create a truly exhilarating experience with their set. She mashes classic rock, pop and EDM all together in a particularly potent concoction.

She started off the show with her biggest hit to-date: “In Love With A Boy.” The studio version of this song is hard-hitting accompanied by cool electronic tones throughout, but when performed live it has a slightly more classic vibe to it. Live, the synchronizer tones are replaced with the classic drums, guitar and bass. This made the song sound gritty, and along with Kaya’s rustic and powerful voice, I thought it was an awesome combo.

To end the night, she hit us with her most recent single, “Sleepover,” which is truly infectious and a pop hit. You can’t help but move your body. I heard the song before, but to a newcomer, you start listening and the head starts bobbing. Then the foot starts a’tapping. Next thing you know, you’re singing the chorus and swinging your hips, not caring who is around. With Kaya’s spirited dance moves and her band rocking out, you can’t help but have a good time.

Kaya is only 16, and the only place she can go from here is up. She’s a triple threat. With her fantastic vocals, witty and catchy lyrics, and fierce stage presence, anyone can enjoy what she brings to the stage. I have a feeling she is going to be one of those artists you see now and in a couple years will just blow up and be huge! Catch her now so some day you can brag about seeing her before she became a superstar.

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