Letter to the Editor: School Walkout

To the Editor:

We aren’t going to be silent any longer we are tired of waiting for laws to be put in to protect our safety. Today was the to end gun violence walk out that took place nationwide  in memory of the 17 students who died in that tragedy that happened in Florida last month. We took matter into our own hands had to take a stand up for what we believe is right and as a community I make a change. All our government can do is say is that they are going to take this into consideration but why can’t they make an act right now. We shouldn’t feel this fear of going to school and worry of being killed or injured everyday. My teachers always told me growing up that “ school is somewhere you are and should feel safe.” But in reality it takes children to die or to get injured to start getting that mindset that they should start taking it to consideration. We need to put this to a end start putting in laws for our safety and to prevent anything bad to happen. We need to stop handing guns to kids that shouldn’t have a right to own a gun in the first place. Why couldn’t we take this into consideration a long time ago we could’ve prevent all these deaths that been happening over the years because of gun violence. In December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School 28 students and including adults in total died because of a school shooting. Even back then gun violence was an issue to find out it is still today. I hope you realize how gun violence is affecting not only kids but also adult to all around the world and see how it’s a major problem president Trump if you really want to make America great again, why don’t you realize this is such a big problem and don’t take action and start helping out?

A student from Providence RI K.V.

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