Late Night Eats: So Much More than Rubbery Eggs

Having a 49-year-old mom who lives in the suburbs write an article about late night eats is like having Donald Trump write an article about honesty. These days, if I see midnight, it’s either New Year’s Eve or I’m experiencing a bad case of perimenopausal insomnia. Nonetheless, I once was young and recall with fondness late-night dining.

Being out past midnight gave birth to a whole new and exciting block of time; one reserved exclusively for those who dared venture out when most were sleeping. The streets were quiet, but for the few taxis and drunk drivers.  Searching for a spot to grab a slice or an omelet felt like a quest, as most restaurants closed their kitchens hours prior. Eventually we’d end up at “Sweaty Betty’s” (also known as Betty’s Restaurant), where we’d co-mingle with those doctors, cops, bartenders and the like who’d stopped for a quick bite before heading home to bed. The food wasn’t terribly exciting – rubbery omelets and greasy burgers – but no one cared. It was more about the experience of being with fellow night owls, each of whom had their own story.

Luckily in Rhode Island, the volume of schools, universities and hospitals provides enough incentive for a few awesome restaurants to keep their doors open well past bedtime, meaning the quality of late night eats has vastly improved. Now there are plenty of places to get a great bite, whether you need to soak up the suds from a night of excess, to get you through a long bout of studying or simply because you can. Here are a few late-night spots with closing times listed:

Patriots Diner, 24 hours, 65 Founders Dr, Woonsocket.

Haven Bros, 3am / 4am Fri & Sat, 12 Fulton St, PVD (next to City Hall).

Wise Guy’s Deli, 1am seated / 4am delivery, 113 Atwells Ave, PVD.

Golden Crust Pizza, 1:45am take-out / 4am delivery, 228 Oakland Ave, PVD. 

Wes’s Rib House, 1am Sun – Thu / 4am Fri & Sat, 38 Dike St, PVD.

Big Tony’s Pizza, 2am seated, 4am delivery, 525 Eaton St, PVD.

East Side Pockets, 1:30am / 10pm Sun, 278 Thayer St, PVD.

Sicilia’s Pizza, 1am seated, 2am take-out Sun – Wed/ 2am seated, 3am take-out Thu – Sat, 181 Atwells Ave, PVD.

Ogie’s Trailer Park, 12:45 Sun – Thu, 1:45am Fri & Sat, 1155 Westminster St, PVD.

Jr’s Hamburgers, 12:45am walk-in, 3:30am delivery, 371 Richmond St, PVD.

The Malted Barley, 12:30am, 42 High St, Westerly; 334 Westminster St, PVD.

Fellini’s, Midnight Mon – Wed/ 2am Thu – Sun, 166 Wickenden St, PVD.

La Creperie, Midnight Sun – Thu/ 2am Fri & Sat, 82 Fones Ally, PVD.

Mike’s Calzones, Midnight Sun – Thu/ 2am Fri & Sat, 288 Thayer St, PVD.

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs, 1:30am Fri & Sat, 640 Reservoir Ave, Cranston (this location only).

Arooga’s, Midnight, 615 Greenwich Ave, Warwick.

Charlie O’s Tavern, Midnight, 2 Sand Hill Cove Rd, Narragansett.

Harry’s Bar & Burger, Midnight, 121 N Main St, PVD.

Murphy’s Providence, Midnight, 100 Fountain St, PVD.

Murphy’s Law, Midnight, 2 George St, Pawtucket.

Nice Slice, Midnight Fri & Sat, 767 Westminster St, PVD.

Parente’s, Midnight, 1114 Douglas Pike, Smithfield.

Antonios Pizza, Midnight, 258 Thayer St, PVD.

Providence Byblos, Midnight, 235 Meeting St, PVD.

Trinity Brewhouse, Midnight, 75 Fountain St, PVD.

Milano’s, Delivery: 1:45am Sun – Thu, 3:45am Fri & Sat. Pickup: 1:45am Sun – Wed, 4am Thu – Sat, 659 Smith St, PVD.

Sajo’s Pizzeria, 1am Thu – Sat, 85 Richmond St, PVD.

The Roast House, Midnight, Fri & Sat, 176 Columbus Ave, Pawtucket.

Franks Restaurant, 24 hours, 614 Smithfield Ave, Lincoln.

Duck and Bunny, 11pm Tue – Wed & Sun, Midnight Thu, 1am Fri & Sat, 312 Wickenden St, PVD.

Montecristo Restaurant, 24 hours, 488 Elmwood Ave, PVD.

Circe Restaurant and Bar, Mon – Thu 1am, Fri & Sat 2am, Sun Midnight, 50 Weybosset St, PVD.


Pastiche, 11/11:30pm weekends, 92 Spruce St, PVD.

Sin Bakery, 11pm Thu – Sat, 1413 Westminster St, PVD.

Insomnia Cookies, 2am, 307 Thayer St, PVD.

La Creperie, 12am Sun – Thu, 2am Fri & Sat, 82 Fones Alley, PVD.

Ma’s Donuts & More, 24 hours, 78 W Main Rd, Middletown.

Palagi Brothers Ice Cream, Mon 4am – Midnight, Tue – Fri 24 hours, Sat Midnight – 4am, 28 Delta Dr, Pawtucket.

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