Lunar Notes: Let’s Look at Lincoln

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Urged by Sanders supporters angry at Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for supporting Hillary Clinton at the convention, Lincoln Chafee has decided to give it a go by challenging Whitehouse in the Democratic primary to be held in September.  The Providence Journal quoted him as saying, “I will see what kind of response I get.” While his presidential run fell into the “snowflake in hell” category, the current anti-incumbent sentiment may give him some leverage.

Chafee presents a Caspar Milquetoast façade and comes across as weak and ineffectual. It is easy to forget that he was one of the few senators to vote against the war in Iraq, a moral stance that put him at odds with his own party.

So what is it about Lincoln Chafee that keeps him coming back? He’s an Aries. Aries is aggressive, competitive and has a “me first” attitude. Lincoln Chafee does not come across as an aggressive, fist fighting Aries for a number of reasons. He has a super dignified Venus, retrograde in Taurus. Venus in Taurus in his chart has a lot of what astrologers call “Essential Dignities,” which makes Venus a potent energy operating within his personality. Venus makes nice, nice and wants everyone to get along. His Mercury, retrograde in Pisces, lends a softness and less-than-clear articulation to his speech. Retrograde Mercury in Pisces is not quick on the draw like that Aries Sun. This Mercury absorbs information, seemingly through osmosis. Another strong planet in his chart is his Saturn in Libra. This Saturn is the negotiator and gives him the ability to see both sides of the picture and pushes him to search for balance.

In addition to love and money, Venus rules diplomacy. Mercury in Pisces has the ability to detect subtle energies.  Saturn in Libra is the ultimate deal maker. With this kind of energy in his chart, Lincoln Chafee is perfect for a diplomatic position. But there is more to the picture.

Chafee’s all important Moon is in Leo. Moon reflects what you need. Moon in Leo wants to be appreciated. Leo is the show biz sign and folks with a strong Leo influence shine in the spotlight. They eat it up like candy. (Think Donald Trump with the all-important Ascendant and Mars in Leo and you’ll get the picture.) With Chafee, that aspect is not out front and in your face. But it is a big piece of his personality. He wants to be noticed.

So will he or won’t he? What kind of response will he get? The political climate generated by the last election, as well as the “me too” and the “never again” movements, makes the mid-term elections a crap shoot. Pundits speak of a blue wave. While there is definitely more activism and vocalizing about various issues, the wave that is coming may not necessarily be blue. Into this mix jumps Republican, Independent, Democrat, Lincoln Chafee.  

There’s a good chance of an upset of some kind at this mid-term election. For Lincoln Chafee, a critical time will be around June 6, 2018, plus or minus a week or so. In May, the mighty game changer, Uranus, enters Taurus and shortly thereafter will land on Chafee’s all important Venus in Taurus. This transit will shake up his relationships in a big way. Some new and exciting ones may form while the old and stifling will fall by the wayside. Stability is not something associated with this transit. Under this transit, Lincoln Chafee will prove the old adage that politics makes for strange bedfellows.  

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