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Few people don’t enjoy barbecue, and Great Northern BBQ Co, a local food truck bursting with awards and style, is definitely worthy of your meaty endeavors.

Smoking meat is a perfected food science with a long rich history. Its sultry, low and slow cooking method really gives the thick hearty cuts that fall-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture that is so dearly desired. Good BBQ meat needs to sit at temps between between 200 – 275 for sometimes two hours per pound! (Grab a beer, guys — a thick brisket can take literally all day). And with brines, dry rubs and a slew of sauces, the flavors possibilities are endless.

There is a fair amount of BBQ options in PVD, and with Rick’s Roadhouse and Wes’ Rib House as real contenders, you might think a trolley trailer chilling at the Armory on the West Side or over at The Point Tavern on Wickenden can’t square up. Their award-winning brisket begs to differ, however, smoked in their massive custom smoker. And don’t even think about passing up the Elote Street Corn, a Mexican classic. These bad boys are meant for the streets, and we wouldn’t have them any other way. If you are a true foodie and want to see what sets the guys at Great Northern apart, try the World Famous Watermelon Taco. It’s going to do great things to your palate.

If you’re in need of a more-than-average amount of BBQ, they also are experienced caterers. Check them at some of the local summer events this year by heading over to their Facebook page (facebook.com/greatnorthernbbqco). Or, watch the antics of their talented chef, Jimmy Caruso, unfold on Instragram.

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