Look Up!: There’s art all around you

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Look high. There are cranes in the sky and they come bearing art. A creative cultivation is in full bloom, and to find it all you have to do is take a look.

The Avenue Concept is taking a different look at its surroundings and is on a mission to create, inspire, educate and give back something beautiful to the city by commissioning artists to create public works of art. They recently hosted an open talk and video premier at the RISD Museum’s Metcalf Auditorium, where viewers got an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at two of The Avenue Concept’s collaborations with The Steel Yard, which resulted in two pieces, City Garden by RISD  artists Isabel Mattia and Amber Dauphinee and on display at LaSalle Square, and Methahedra by artists Meredith Younger and Kristina Brown, which previously occupied that spot.

Where to find more of these urban artworks? You could be standing next to one while waiting for a RIPTA bus at Kennedy Plaza, sitting by one while having a spring picnic in Burnside Park or leaning up against one on the side of a brick wall. Pay attention and you will see that The Avenue Concept is taking leaps and bounds to prove that Providence is indeed The Creative Capital.

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