Lunar Notes

Aries: Explosive action rocks your world. You’re caught between the traditional and the radical, and it is getting difficult for you to keep your balance. Change can be disruptive and confusing, but it can also lead you down a new path. Listen to the more staid and traditional as well as to your radical self. A new direction is on the menu.

Taurus: Life has a way of spinning you around until what you thought was so important seems trivial when looking at it from a different angle. You’re on a search, reading weighty tomes, conversing with the wise and listening to your inner desires. You’re beginning to express yourself in creative ways, and you are beginning to enjoy yourself.

Gemini: You mingle with a mixture of people during this period, from the wild, crazy and expansive to the more serious and sober types. There is wisdom to be gained from both types. When you speak, folks listen during this period. You are digging up some profound truths that some need to hear. Some friends shock you.

Cancer: You’re dealing with some serious people now. Some may wish to rein you in and control your every action, while others are urging you to break all the rules. What is Moon-ruled Cancer to do? Listen to your intuitive self as you search for what is good for you. Someone in your daily life is truly the wise one. You’ll figure it out.

Leo: There’s a lot going on with relationships in your life — relationships of all kinds — from the kissy-face types to those you interact with on a daily basis. Some who seemed attractive as friends, lovers and co-workers have lost their allure. You’re eager for new people and new experiences. Get creative and get out there. Your world is getting bigger.

Virgo: Conversations border on the mystical as you begin to figure out what matters to you and what brings you the most joy. A relationship may move to another level as commitment issues arise. You may not be ready for that. After the Full Moon, the dust begins to settle and you are able to think more clearly. Home makes a lovely sound.

Libra: Some folks behave in a shocking and disruptive manner. Their aggressiveness and anger is not your style; you prefer more diplomatic measures. Your daily routine puts you in contact with someone truly wise. While they have a lot to offer, make sure they don’t promise more than they can deliver. Home and personal space appeal now.

Scorpio: There’s a lot going on in your daily life and the routine is anything but. In some areas, you may be feeling restricted. You want to break free from all of those dull routines. Explosive events may get you what you wish for.  Serious conversation may be required when dealing with some. Friends and lovers offer some amusement.

Sagittarius: While you’re on a rising tide with the world opening up to you, there are some pesky little reminders that you must take care of business, whether that business is paying the bills or maintaining a healthy diet. I know it’s hard when the exciting, hot and sizzling lands on your doorstep. Enjoy it, because it may not last.

Capricorn: While you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you sense the value and importance of the situations and people in your life at this time. The practical plays an important role in your life, but you are now digging into the spiritual side of life. There’s something there in the mist. Be ready for disruptions at home.

Aquarius: You want to bust up the routine, walk a new path and clean out the dust bin of your life, literally and metaphorically. In your rush to make these changes, don’t run the red light or make impulsive moves. Be patient. A wise friend points the way and proves to be a worthwhile confidant. Conversations about the spiritual feed you.

Pisces: More talkative than you usually are, you find yourself in conversation with a wide variety of folks. This is not just idle chit-chat, but serious, deep and profound. A particular relationship may deepen. Some unexpected money issues arise that are really surprising. Where did it come from and where did it go, is the question?

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