Lunar Notes

LunarStripsAries: Your inner probing leads to some relationship issues. You question where some relationships are going and if that’s the direction you want them to go. Friends bring romantic alliances and other fun stuff into your life. You zone in on the budget when unexpected expenses and/or income fly in and out of your wallet.

Taurus: Jolting events upset the routine and cause you to rethink plans for the future. Mercury retrograde during this period is a great time for you to revise and review. When friends speak, be sure you are hearing correctly. Ask for clarification. You’re energized and ready for anything. You get favorable reviews from authority figures.

Gemini: You receive mixed signals from the boss, the parent, the mayor even. Doesn’t seem like anyone around you can be clear. Just file it away in a corner of your mind until month-end when all the light bulbs turn back on. In the meantime, you enjoy some cultural events and other fun stuff that you really enjoy.

Cancer: You sit back and take a look at the big picture. You want to broaden your horizons and your outlook. Look for unusual new friends to enter your life and some wise ones as well. They will help you to reach your goals. Money arrives in the form of a tax rebate, insurance or some other institutional entity.

Leo: Unusual, disrupting events on the home and work front throws you off track and have you searching for what is solid in your life. You rethink what is important to you and make plans to get rid of what isn’t. Romantic and pleasant folk cross your path. Someone carries a lot of fun in their back pocket. This could be a keeper.

Virgo: Conversations with some special people in your life can become confusing. But you do manage to discuss some deep and profound issues. Folks you encounter during your usual routine prove to be pleasant and helpful. The actions from some folks will be unexpected. You give some serious thought to a particular relationship.

Libra: Be wary of overlooking the details, especially if you are required to sign something. “Read the small print” is good advice, follow it. Some areas and people in your life are serious and intense. There are also spots of joy and fun. You may have to deal with some unpleasantness, but you will handle it with your usual diplomacy.

Scorpio: A few of the very traditional folks in your life are behaving in a very untraditional manner. Some of their antics are quite shocking. You don’t let it rock your boat. The opportunity to avail yourself of the activities you love to do drops in your lap like magic. You find the romantic and fun stuff very close to home. Enjoy!

Sagittarius: A few upsets won’t derail your plans, but they may have you rethinking where your life is headed and what it is you really want to do. Social events present themselves and you take advantage of that. Good fortune seems to follow you these days. You don’t take this for granted and conserve your resources, just in case.

Capricorn: It seems like you spend a lot of time taking care of business. Not to worry, some fun and exciting stuff is heading your way. Don’t get upset when you are forced to reschedule things. There may be some communication snafus along the way. You are tempted to spend a lot of money on something beautiful. Is it worth it?

Aquarius: Casual encounters enhance and heighten your leisure hours. You appreciate this, especially when you have to deal with sudden upsets on the home front. This may cost you money. Pay attention to the details. Your circle of friends expands as you attract new and interesting people into your sphere.

Pisces: Change is in the air, whether something simple or something that will have more impact on your daily life. A change in your commute, perhaps, because career opportunities abound. Avoid impulsive moves, come to a full stop at the corner and don’t gun it when the light changes. Old friends prove their worth. LunarStrips

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