Lunar Notes

LunarStripsAries: It is nose to the grindstone time for you. You might not like what you are doing but you know you have to stick it out for now. Use this time to reflect, review and figure out what your next steps should be. You have some big ideas and you need to bring those ideas to fruition. Helpful friends and associates bring a fresh perspective.

Taurus: Your life is full of surprises these days, making it hard to keep your balance. Your circle of friends offers spiritual, social and financial guidance. Listen well, but make your own decisions. Romance and the fun things in life are shared by this circle of yours. You’re galvanized into making changes. This is not a bad thing.

Gemini: To some, you may seem to be fickle and frivolous, but you know better. There is a lot going on with you beneath the surface. Keep your game face on while you are thinking those deep thoughts.  Consult with a wise one, an expert or simply a helpful friend. Things clear up by month end.    

Cancer: Some folks come at you in an abrasive manner. Don’t let that deter you from saying what needs to be said. And while friends may be acting in an unusual manner or coming on aggressively, keep in mind they are still your friends. Here again, say what needs to be said. Some assistance and moral support comes from someone involved in your daily routine.

Leo: Busy, busy Leo — busy with everything from work-a-day crap to social events to those things that bring you true joy. Not a bad mix. Authority figures come on strong and seem to be coming out of left field. Some weird stuff going on there. Just wait it out. Month-end, the energy shifts.

Virgo: You feel the call of the wild and want to escape your dull, daily routines. Be sure you don’t bring that dull business with you. Some unexpected developments may change your travel plans. Some of this may have to do with budget concerns. Do not give up, make plans and plot out your future steps with care.   

Libra: Difficulty getting clear about some routine tasks plague you. Month-end brings clarity. Your small world begins to feel much larger as folks with a wide-open viewpoint and much knowledge enter your sphere. Some relationships seem topsy-turvy. They settle down as the Moon winds down to the last quarter.

Scorpio: Relationships are an issue now. If folks think they are going to get tough with Scorpio, they are in for a surprise. You are not going to take any crap from anyone, period. Pesky folks aside, you enjoy yourself with some like-minded individuals; everyone has a good time. Romance may be on the menu as well.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius rides a wave of good luck and opportunity and has the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Pay attention when unexpected events present those opportunities. New methods to streamline your routine pop up and make life easier. Friends may drag you out for a good time. Don’t struggle or resist. Go!  

Capricorn: Keeping your public and private life separate becomes a juggling act that you excel at during this period. While you feel the weight of responsibility, there are pockets of exciting moments that take you away from the conventional. Romance and fun stuff land on your doorstep. Take a walk on the wild side.

Aquarius: You’re overtaken by the spring-cleaning mode, physically and metaphorically, as you dump people, objects and outmoded ideas that no longer serve you. Keep at it. The new and different enter your circle of friends and acquaintances. They intrigue you, and you’re ready for more. 

Pisces: You learn how valuable some old friends really are as they rally around offering advice and help when you really need it. Your daily routine is anything but routine as the unexpected throws a monkey wrench into any schedule you try to maintain. Roll with the punches and move on. LunarStrips

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