Lunar Notes: Your September Horoscope

Aries: It’s all about relationships from the working to the romantic. The Full Moon dredges up stuff from the unconscious, but you are able to discuss and communicate all of this to a sympathetic listener. The discussions that follow are very productive. They help you in the process of your current reinvention of yourself. Remember to listen.

Taurus: Taurus takes advantage of the last days of summer, enjoying social events and friendly relations. A relationship gets serious and there is talk of commitment. When the topic of money and joint finances comes up, forward movement hits a snag. Fun’s over and discussions get serious. Keep the lines of communication open.

Gemini: Entertaining, romance and redecorating on the home front keeps Gemini busy. You use your communication skills creatively and are able to express yourself with clarity. After the 13th, some relationships get contentious. Strive to keep the conversations pleasant, but be sure to state your case clearly.

Cancer: Life is busy and filled with the unexpected. Although disruptions dog your every step, it is all quite pleasant. Relationships with relations and neighbors run smoothly now. Some issues with coworkers may not be so pleasant. Stake your claim and stand by it. A romantic interest gets serious.

Leo: Leo’s on a roll of good fortune that will continue for the next year. You are expanding, growing and open for new opportunity. In the short term, don’t let overconfidence blow the budget. Somewhere in your busy life a romance sparks. Be ready for discussions about money that throw a wet blanket on a hot romance.

Virgo: You are beginning to listen to inner guidance, hunches and feelings as you learn that these intangibles are fairly accurate predictors of what is up in your life. Venus in your sign for most of September promises a busy social life and an increase in popularity. Month-end, focus on the budget and rein in over-spending.

Libra: You prefer being behind the scenes and by yourself as the month begins. You use this time for inner examination. The New Moon in Libra on the 24th pulls you out of that solitude into the limelight. You want to make changes and have the energy to do just that. Your network of friends expands and you’re introduced to the new and different.

Scorpio: You’re thinking about your future and you get some helpful ideas from friends and acquaintances. Your focus is on you and what you want and where you want to go. No man is an island as you discover when a romantic someone catches your eye. You’re not quite ready as you begin to do some soul searching at month-end.

Sagittarius: You’re in the spotlight as the month begins, receiving rave reviews from those in the know. You’re not really comfortable out there at center stage, but you hit your stride when Mars enters your sign on the 13th. Mars here revs up your engines and you are so ready to roll. Get together with friends after the 24th.

Capricorn: You’re thinking about anything and everything that takes you away from you normal routines and regular environment. New ideas and new information seem to fall in your lap. A stroke of luck or an unexpected influx of money does wonders for the budget. Organizing your space and streamlining your routine makes you feel good.

Aquarius: Some deep psychological stuff that you can’t quite articulate bubbles beneath the surface. Some of this might have to do with unspoken fears about money. The Full Moon brings these issues to the surface. You come up with some creative solutions to this money issue and you use your connections to move you forward.

Pisces: Relationships move to the head of the class this month. There is an opportunity to mend fences and come to amicable agreements now. All parties involved are open and ready to listen. State your case clearly and try not to bring too much emotion into it; you’re looking for harmony and peace, so project those attributes.

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