Lunar Notes

Aries: You feel like it is a brand-new day for you — and it is. You’re busy, active and at times aggressive. Beneath the surface you’ve got this inner dialogue going on. By mid-month you’ll be able to articulate your thoughts clearly. Is there a secret romance going on? Or some relationship you want to keep quiet about for the time being? 

Taurus: While you may feel like being a hermit, your hometown posse keeps you in the social whirl. That is fine with you for the most part because they get you into some fun stuff. Through it all, you keep your eye on the practical and don’t go overboard with the spending. Something is going on with taxes, insurance and/or legacies.    

Gemini: You startle folks when you come on a lot more aggressively than usual. Nothing wrong with asserting yourself, but you might want to tone it down a bit. When you speak, people listen. You have a natural talent for communication, so use it to your advantage.   You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Cancer: Some people behave in ways that offend your tender sensibilities. Toughen up your crab shell and give back some of what they are dishing out. Then move on to the new, interesting and unusual folks entering your life. The sun shines bright on you now, illuminating you and bringing you into the spotlight.    

Leo: Unexpected events bring some cash and financial issues. Get clear and be sure you know what is going on. New activities and interests open up your world. Art, science and history beckon you. Plan some visits to museums, galleries and other venues that bring joy into your life. 

Virgo: Conversations delve into the mystical as you explore what is beyond the surface. Someone is wise, mystical and practical at the same time. You listen, sift through the information and come to your own conclusions. An attraction to someone different from your usual type is worth paying attention to.     

Libra: Days are busy with the workaday tasks, as well as activities that take you out of the daily routine. You are curious about foreign cultures, art and travel. Your eye for beauty is enhanced now. An unexpected twist in your finances may provide the wherewithal to travel. Go for it!

Scorpio: Certain people in your life surprise you by behaving in an unorthodox manner.  You are actually intrigued by this and look forward to some in-depth conversation with these folks. A financial windfall opens up the possibility for a major expenditure. Could be art, travel or simply a new vehicle to tool around in.

Sagittarius: You’re in a standoff with an aggressively talkative person. No worries – you give it right back, packing the punch of truth. While you need to mind the budget, don’t let it stop you from enjoying yourself. You find some romance and fun near or in your home.   Things are lively in the neighborhood.    

Capricorn: Despite feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you manage to find some pleasantly exciting social events. A mixed bag of relationship issues moves across your landscape, from the lovey-dovey to the argumentative and troublesome. One is of a very unusual type — exciting but erratic.

Aquarius: News, information and plenty of chatter lands on your doorstep. Money issues, like taxes and insurance, require careful reading. Sporting events and outdoor activities lure you away from your books and papers. Appliance and electrical mishaps upset the domestic scene; they could simply be a blown fuse.

Pisces: Your routine is anything but routine. You find it impossible to follow any type of schedule as someone or something always seems to throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Go with the flow and you will find that you seem to attract fun times, interesting conversation and happy social events.     

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