Lunar Notes

Aries: The key word in your life these days is conversation. That’s many conversations with significant others, authority figures, friends, lovers and enemies. You’re going strong and are able to voice some difficult truths with diplomacy and tact. Not your usual mode, but it works for you these days.

Taurus: Your life experiences a series of jolts that knocks you out of your daily routine. Money may become a critical issue. An unexpected windfall may save the day. This may have something to do with what is going on behind the scenes. This quiet action involves love and money. Some things you want to keep secret.

Gemini: Friends and neighbors engage you in some enjoyable activities. Along the way, you encounter some interesting and exotic folk. You’re curious as usual and engage them in conversation so you can learn more. A romantic connection or money-making opportunity presents itself while you’re hanging out with friends. 

Cancer: Some folks in your life have become controlling, and you are not too happy about that. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have friends who are far out there and bring excitement into your life. That’s OK with you. Some recent events have shaken you up and prompted you to change your plans for the future.

Leo: A lot is going on with you, on many different levels. Conversation, issues and news involve friends, co-workers and other significant folk in your life. An unexpected career move, quirky bosses and aggressive friends stir the pot and keep your life interesting.  Someone new and interesting enters the picture.

Virgo: Some soul searching is going on with you. Things that were important to you no longer seem so. Activities that brought you great pleasure no longer do so. Not to worry, as one friend or joyful activity falls away, another one appears. You interact with a variety of people from the aggressive to the mystical. It’s all good.

Libra: It’s all about relationships during this period. Most are smooth, lively and interesting, but a couple may be problematic. Something unexpected involving money, taxes and/or insurance lands in your lap. The wide world seems to be at your doorstep as you encounter folks from different backgrounds.

Scorpio: Some folks in your life shock you when they behave in unexpected ways. Once you get over the shock, it might be time to have that conversation. Shocking aside, some people you encounter in your daily routine seem quite pleasant. Romance might be brewing in some quarters. Whatever — don’t let them throw you. Stay steady.

Sagittarius: You discover new methods to streamline your daily routine, although your routine has been anything but. You’re more interested in social events and fun stuff anyway. Your world enlarges and you socialize with a variety of folks. While feeling extravagant, you are ever mindful of the budget.

Capricorn: As usual, you shoulder your responsibilities without hesitation. That does not preclude any exciting, stimulating and joyful activities. You willingly take part in that side of life as well. Someone in particular seems sexy, exciting and alluring. Go for it! But remember: Just because it is sizzling now does not mean it is going to last.

Aquarius: Conversation and social events occupy you on a daily basis. You enjoy this and engage gleefully in these activities. Beneath the surface, there is a lot going on with you as you begin to get rid of the useless in your life. This includes people, ideas and those items that clutter up your closets. Disruptions in the home require patience.

Pisces: Expect the unexpected as you go about your daily routine. Quirky traffic tie-ups, quirky neighbors and the unusual keep you busy. There’s a tug of war going on between your personal and private life and your public persona. Balancing home and work requires skillful juggling. Old friends speak profound truths.      

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