Lunar Notes

Aries: The artistic, the beautiful and the friendly enter your life during this period. This is all good, but something comes along that rocks your foundation. This jolt causes you to express yourself in ways that are truly you. Your core self emerges, and you are not shy about letting folks know how you really feel.

Taurus: Your daily diet consists of the sudden and unexpected. A docile neighbor gets aggressive, you wake up to a jackhammer tearing up your street and other fun stuff like that. In the middle of all this, there is a positive cash flow. You are tempted by something expensive and over the budget. Think about it first. 

Gemini: A change in finances prompts a budget review. It may seem like it is all about money, but there’s more to it than that. You consider what is truly important to you and how you want to spend your resources. Some deep thinking going on along with lots of discussion. Talking about things helps you to clarify your thoughts.

Cancer:  Change is in the air. That change is something you aggressively pursue; you are so ready. A wide variety of people enter your life, from the serious and sober to the wildly radical. You enjoy both types, but draw the line when someone becomes controlling. A serious conversation with a wise one is coming.    

Leo: Socializing, conversation and pleasant pursuits mix with attention to work and responsibility. A romance or money-making opportunity comes about through a friend or group you belong to. Secrets are revealed. This comes as a bit of a shock. A boss, a friend and/or a co-worker could be involved.

Virgo: After some fuzzy advice from an “expert,” you decide to move forward, relying on your own intellect and instinct. You want a change in direction. You know what you need and what you want. Take those steps.   Someone reliable and trustworthy has something worthwhile to say. Listen, but once again, make your own decision.       

Libra: Although you are really a people person, during this period you have had enough of some of the people in your life. You need a break. Parents, authority figures and friends and lovers shake up the routine and activate your defense mechanism. A new path opens up for you.

Scorpio: It’s a tossup these days between the boring and exciting. You spend your days doing the boring stuff while eyeing the exciting possibilities, anything to break the routine. Money issues are on the positive side, but keep a eye on spending. Relationships may be rocky, but they are exciting as well.   

Sagittarius: Despite having to deal with some sobering details involving finances, you enjoy yourself with some pleasant people who are novel and entertaining. Some serious and uplifting conversations round out your experience. Some expected cash fails to come through. Not to worry; this too shall pass.    

Capricorn: Relationship issues occupy you during this period. Some folks want to argue and no matter what you say or do, they will continue to do so. On the positive side of the spectrum, there are some delightfully sweet and social interludes. They are a treat for you. Someone exciting appears.

Aquarius: Venus in your house of love, fun and games ensures a pleasant couple of weeks. Romance and/or interaction with someone new and different keeps things interesting. There is also some excitement on the home front. Think unexpected! Beware of friends who promise more than can be delivered.

Pisces: Activities that brought you great joy no longer appeal. You are looking for and are open to new experiences and new ways to express yourself. There is a lot of fun going on close to home. This makes disruption in your daily routine easier to handle — expect interruption, change and the unexpected.     

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