Lunar Notes

Aries: An air of change surrounds you; change is occurring within and without you. Your public and private life, the things you deem important and the folks you hang with for fun — everything is in flux. There is a spiritual awakening going on as well. Go where your instincts prompt you to go. Instinct is all you got these days.

Taurus: Life is a roller coaster for you and the rocking ride is not going to stop any time soon. Some changes in your immediate surroundings, neighborhood, the commute, even your siblings are acting differently. Not all change is bad, so go with the flow. You converse with and interact with folks on many levels.

Gemini: Money and material issues throw you off balance. Some expected money does not come through. The change in circumstance has you questioning your values. Time for some reflection as you probe the inner depths in search of your truth. There’s a spiritual component here. A wise one enters, listen to what this one has to say.   

Cancer: You’re tired of those controlling, bossy types who think it is okay to tell you what to do and want to restrict your movements. Time for a change, you can make up your own mind and go where you wish. Don’t worry about offending anyone; move ahead. Changes in friendships, significant others and authority figures result.

Leo: Secrets are revealed, provoking much discussion between you and your friends and colleagues. While others are recovering from the shock of this revelation, you proceed to enjoy yourself doing the stuff you love. You are ready for action and someone whose likes and dislikes are similar to yours joins you.

Virgo: You reach out to the folks who share your passions, whether political, artistic or romantic. You’re serious about making these connections. You want to change your direction and seek the boost these associations will bring you. A romance begins or ends during this period. If it ends, you didn’t need it. If it begins, it has a slow start but lasts.

Libra: A mixed bag of people clash, crash and some even try to crush you.  In the middle of all these turbulent folks are the lovely and helpful ones who lend an ear and offer some aid and advice. You will know who is who, have no doubt. As all this swirls around you, your world starts to open up with new ideas, new people and new places.   

Scorpio: You’re filled with ideas, some novel and new, others tried and true. You experiment with them all. You interact with some serious folks on a day-to-day basis, but along comes someone who is radical, different and definitely not routine. You enjoy the shake-up as you are looking for something new and different.

Sagittarius: While your world gets bigger and bigger, you start asking some serious questions. Conversations these days are not light and airy, but are probing and serious. There’s an inner dialogue going on and you are starting to pay attention to that. Some upsets in your daily routine liven things up.

Capricorn: After an extended period of dealing with all that you should and ought to do, there is light, fun stuff and people entering your life. Some very pleasant ones, even perhaps a romantic one, cross your path. There is a spiritual component to your comings and goings these days as you do some inner work. Meditate!

Aquarius: You’re into clearing the decks these days, mentally, physically and emotionally. On the mundane level, this means organizing your space, streamlining your work and generally getting things and people in order.  On the inner side, conversation may help you to clarify what has been going on within you. Lots there.

Pisces: A new romance, a new path to fun and games and the people to enjoy them with enter and help you reorganize your social life. Some old friends, while valuable, may try to restrict or seemingly prevent you from doing what you enjoy. A conversation is called for. You are looked upon favorably by those in authority.

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