Lunar Notes

Aries: Summer’s end brings all fun and games to you, but as the month ends you get down to business, organizing your space, making nice-nice with colleagues and impressing those in authority. You discover new ways to get things done efficiently while finding time for some fun. 

Taurus: Recent upheavals in your life bring positive results. Mainly you speak and express your authentic self. You don’t worry about offending people, though you are very nice while speaking your truth. Still not sure about where you are heading? No worries, it’s all part of the process. 

Gemini: The Full Moon brings a big talker into your life. Lots of hot air there, but Gemini has a few surprises for this bag of wind. You manage to get the last word in. While you are nice about it, you make sure they get the message. Closer to home, some folks are very pleasant while others are itching to argue. 

Cancer: Recent conversations have cleared the air. That does not mean that you are through. In the future, you will not be hesitant to speak up. Some quirky friends offer moral support, and colleagues are supportive as well. Your daily routine gets a little more interesting as someone very worldly enters the picture.   

Leo: Relationship issues peak at the Full Moon. Over the next few weeks, you tie up loose ends and speak a few final words. Now you are ready to move on. If “they” are not, that is their issue. Your new task is figuring out what is important to you. A parental or authority figure shocks with some unexpected and unusual actions. 

Virgo: You gear up for the big reveal, that is the expression of all the ideas that have been bubbling beneath the surface. You speak and act and manage to combine work and play effectively. Someone wants to take a relationship to a deeper level. Maybe a commitment that you’re not ready to make. Not yet anyway. 

Libra: Usually outgoing, you prefer solitude and quiet contemplation on the menu these days. You don’t always have to be a social butterfly. Take time to recharge your batteries. New ideas and modes of operation emerge. A conversation with a friend proves enlightening.

Scorpio: A crisis along the home/work – public/private axis gets resolved and you are able to move on to more pleasant pursuits. Life is not without some serious conversations, but they are fruitful and productive, even the difficult ones. Someone in your life behaves in an unexpected and strange manner. Tough to figure out. 

Sagittarius: You clear up some issues that have been dangling and needing resolution. This aids in your preparation for a new direction in life. You put your energy into career, public life and new goals. It seems as if your life is charmed as luck is still with you. You find innovative ways to make your life run smoother.    

Capricorn: Things you thought were important don’t seem so important these days. You are on a journey of discovery and transformation. You are not afraid of the unconventional, a departure from your usual mode of operation. New ideas can/will lead you into a more colorful landscape.

Aquarius: You are in the “getting rid” of mode; this includes stuff, people and ideas that no longer serve you. This process requires some introspection, which strange as it may seem, expands your view and opens up the landscape for you. New friends help with that expansion. You’re moving, shifting and changing. Go! 

Pisces: Crazy things, people and events disrupt your routine and liven up your life. This can be annoying at times, but it can be fun as well. Some serious friends may try to keep you on the straight and narrow. You’re having none of it as you begin to relish the unexpected and the quirky. You were getting tired of the old routine.    

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