Lunar Notes

lunarAries: Aries emerges from some heavy emotional conversations, analysis and digging into the inner psyche. Issues around money and values pushed a lot of buttons and the Full Moon brings it all to a head. By the New Moon on the 22nd, Aries is ready to move on as the world opens up and new possibilities present themselves. You go Aries!

Taurus: Your relationships are highlighted during this period. Who you relate to, how you relate and what you need and want from those relationships occupy your thoughts and dominate your conversations. You’ve had time to review all that; now is the time to look deep within yourself to find out what it is you really need.

Gemini: Stressful working relationships impact your physical, mental and emotional well being. There needs to be a conversation to clear the air and set the boundaries. This triggers conversation in all your relationships. Not to worry, this is good for Gemini and helps you to organize your thoughts, your space and your life.

Cancer: Love, creativity and children have been major concerns in recent weeks. The Full Moon brings friends and new social contacts into your life. As the Moon winds down heading into the next New Moon phase, Cancer begins to organize and clear the decks. Pleasant encounters in your daily routine brighten your days.

Leo: Leo has experienced changes on the domestic front. Remodeling, rearranging and/or a major move has kept the Lion busy. As mid-month approaches, Leo turns to lighter things. The inner child emerges and Leo is looking for fun. Month-end brings romance. Leo is open to the new and exciting.

Virgo: Super busy Virgo may have some trouble keeping all the separate threads of life in order. This is where the native Virgo talents of organization and discrimination come in handy. Things begin to lighten up around mid-month. A passionate encounter seems like fate. Be wary of someone into power and control.

Libra: Money issues, what’s mine, what’s yours and where the boundaries are come under scrutiny during this period. There are some deep-rooted button pushers floating to the surface. They need to be looked at. At the Sagittarius New Moon on the 22nd, the pace of life picks up and Libra is too busy to bother with those complex issues.

Scorpio: Complex relationships and their attendant problems continue to occupy Scorpio. The Full Moon brings things all out in the open. This is good as some things need the full light of day and the open air in order to gain the proper perspective. Month-end brings an influx of cash and some well-deserved recognition.

Sagittarius: The usual inner dialogue we have with ourselves has taken on a deeper meaning for Sagittarius. The Archer has discovered hidden talents and also those hidden ways we screw ourselves up. At the Full Moon this new knowledge is put to good use and Sagittarius is ready to move on and make changes.

Capricorn: Goal-oriented Capricorn shifts direction, changing the course of the onward journey. With Mars the energizer in Capricorn, the Goat is pumped and ready for action. With the change in goals come a change in friendships and group affiliations. Full Moon finds Capricorn in full creative mode ready to implement those changes.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer can’t escape the public eye. All actions are noted and every move recorded. This is not a bad thing as it moves the career along, and before the month is over an influx of cash fills any holes in the budget. Some conversation and a bit of assertiveness is needed to fulfill near-term goals.

Pisces: Pisces has been doing some soul searching as recent events have challenged belief systems. New ideas, concepts and direction emerge. An authority figure offers some good advice. Be wary of an overbearing friend; they mean well but may not have the full picture. By month-end Pisces speaks with authority.

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