Lunar Notes Feb 5-18th 2015

Aries: You feel like you have been living your life within a whirlwind and although the social whirl continues, there will be pockets of time and space for you to slow down, wind down and catch your breath. Some behind-the-scenes stuff is going on; whether it is internal or external, this stuff has you asking questions. Hidden talents emerge.

Taurus: You’re busy revising your goals and making plans for the future. Friends and like-minded folk keep your social calendar filled, with nary a moment to sit still. Not that you mind — you like being out there. The domestic scene stabilizes and you opt for some home entertainment. An insurance or tax bill crimps the budget.

Gemini: You’re busy and in the public eye, but you don’t start running at full throttle until your ruler Mercury goes direct on the 11th.  After that, new information surfaces and your random thoughts transition into concrete ideas ready for you to manifest in the real world.  A relationship gets serious, highlighting some difficulties that need examination.

Cancer: There’s an inner search going on with lots of interior dialogue as you figure out where you want to be five years from now. Things, situations and people you have always held dear no longer seem important to you. You’re carrying a load of responsibility; as a result, you are learning to use your energy wisely.

Leo: Conflict and confrontation may cause you to reexamine your thoughts and feelings on the issue in question. This process may set some relationships on a rocky road. While Mercury is retrograde, listen; after the 11th when Mercury goes direct, speak. Keep in mind new information will surface after the 11th.

Virgo: You’re engaged, not to be married but engaged in conversations and situations both personally and professionally. There are some pleasant exchanges, but in some cases you may have to deal with folks who take a combative stance. You have a hidden helper acting like a guardian angel.  Keep the faith.

Libra: Recreational activities, work and responsibilities share the stage during this period. Working relationships contain the pleasant as well as the belligerent. Sometimes it is not clear who is friend and who is foe. After the 11th, things begin to sort themselves out. Your natural gift of diplomacy keeps it all on an even keel.

Scorpio: Scorpio gets creative during this period, using that creativity to improve conditions at home, work and with the problem children in your life. Not necessarily your biological children. Someone is not dealing with a full deck. The situation is not clear. After the 11th, the fog lifts and you are able to think and see clearly.

Sagittarius: You’ve been getting a taste of things to come. It’s all about personal responsibility. Take the time to stop and think. What do you want? What is important to you? Life is not all fun and games, but it is not all work either. Think about maintaining a healthy balance between the two. Work and pleasure — you need them both.

Capricorn: Busy is the name of the game for Capricorn these days. You’re starting to clear the decks, ridding yourself of the extraneous and all the detritus that no longer serves you. Creative ideas and solutions emerge that enhance your daily routine. Conversations about money may get a little tense.

Aquarius: You continue to make changes in your life, your routine and your personal preferences. You’re getting used to the unexpected disrupting of your routine and are becoming quite deft at rolling with the punches. An old friend returns with some practical advice about money. This person talks sense and is not a bag of hot air.

Pisces: You want to spend some quiet time alone, but you attract social invites, pleasant people and a scattering of argumentative folks keeping you occupied with arranging and rearranging your schedule. Some secret stuff involving colleagues has you puzzled. Enlightenment comes after the 11th.

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