Lunar Notes

Aries: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 4th highlights relationships. Eclipses bring change. Explosive conversation around the 8th triggers a breakthrough or a break down. With some folks in your life, it is simply that you are running on a different wavelength when it comes to the material as well as the spiritual.  Whatever happens, be kind.

Taurus: Be wary of nosey people poking their nose into your business. Keep your plans and ideas to yourself. With Venus and Mars doing the Tango in Taurus, now you can become the diplomat or the agitator. Both keep the conversation rolling. Venus increases your popularity while Mars gives you the initiative to get going.

Gemini: You’re feeling like everyone and everything is against you. No matter what you say or do there is some form of opposition from people or circumstances. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes activity going on. Secret plans, secret romance or secret action of some sort. Through it all you see the big picture and focus on your goals. 

Cancer: Your world is full of surprises on the job, at home and in your relationships. All of this rocks your boat. The money situation improves as a result of your hard work. Activities with friends comprise a mixture of pleasant, fun times as well as a few difficult individuals. Someone doesn’t feel comfortable in their own skin.    

Leo: The Lunar Eclipse on the 4th triggers a learning curve, whether it is a return to school, taking a class or simply reading a book that opens your eyes to new possibilities. Expect changes in your immediate environment, daily routine and/or daily commute over the next few months. A relationship gets serious.

Virgo: You ask probing questions about your life, what you value and what makes you feel secure. Financial matters and material goods may have triggered these questions, but the big picture shows you evolving toward a more spiritual outlook. Along with this comes an expansion of your universe as you explore foreign cultures and philosophies.

Libra: You face opposition from others to your plans and projects now. The challenge is to try and come to a compromise that is agreeable to all concerned. If finances are co-mingled, the situation is more complicated and requires delicate negotiations. A wise acquaintance gives good counsel. It pays to listen.

Scorpio: Events beyond your control impact your life and alter your daily routine. This triggers some changes you have needed to make regarding your diet, exercise and/or your working routine. You continue to surprise yourself as you come up with innovative techniques to accomplish the daily boring stuff. Hidden matters come boiling to the surface. Stay cool!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius wants to go out and play but personal responsibilities prevent all-out partying. You can, through careful thought and management of your time and resources, manage to engage in some fun stuff. A romantic interest with someone not your usual type is possible now and may surface in the most unexpected places.     

Capricorn: The private and most intimate parts of your life are undergoing a shakeup. A lot of this is unexpected and you react in the moment. Take a breath before you speak and act. Despite it all you are able to enjoy the lighter side of life, fun, romance and letting your inner child out to play.

Aquarius: Aquarius is dreaming big dreams while making plans for the future. You know that if you can imagine it you can make it happen. Entertaining at home or spiffing the place up appeals to you now. Conversations with a trusted advisor or old friend encourage you and validate your dreams.

Pisces: Balance the checkbook and investigate any discrepancies immediately. Your cash flow may slow to a trickle due to unexpected expenses. An upset in the neighborhood forces everyone into a friendly dialogue. Someone in a position of authority notices you. This will prove beneficial to you further down the line.


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