Lunar Notes

Aries: All the new ideas and philosophical questions/answers you have been contemplating blossom at the Full Moon. Your world is expanding and you incorporate this large world into your everyday routine. Relationships heat up — some smooth, some rocky. You are who you are; they can take it or leave it.

Taurus: Some deep probing into your inner psyche becomes a revelation as you realize what is truly important to you. This is valuable information as discussions unfold about shared resources, money, taxes, insurance and other practical, material matters. Somehow this assists you in incorporating the creative into your daily routine.

Gemini: Exploration and reassessment of goals occupy you as you begin to clarify your wants and needs. Having fun and looking for romance is all part of this process. Some relationships get serious and some end as new folks enter your life. It is an interesting time for you; keep looking, adding and discarding as you roll along.

Cancer: After a burst of creativity you settle down and figure out how to apply these creative solutions to your everyday problems and processes. Your social life centers in and around your home base. This suits you to a T. You’re still coming up with great ideas. Be sure to write them down as they flash across your radar moving fast.

Leo: Someone, something or some event has thrown a wet blanket on all your fun and games. But wait, not all is gloom and doom. There’s some lively conversation going on and some pleasurable moments right on your doorstep. It’s a mixed bag of the light-hearted and the serious. Keep your optimism running full throttle no matter what.

Virgo: New ideas emerge that lead to an expansion of your universe. Your career, domestic life and daily routine benefit from these refreshing concepts. Effort is made to streamline the budget as well. Underneath all this is you trying to figure out what is important to you and what your security needs are. Be brave!

Libra: Busy is the word that describes you during this period. You move from the frivolous to the serious with ease. With days filled with meetings, social gatherings and serious conversation, you find time for quiet contemplation. You ponder the big question and the big picture, and prep for the future.

Scorpio: Money and how to spend it, save it and share it tops your list of things to think about. This triggers a deep probe into what is really important to you and in which direction you want to expend your energy. Where and what will you invest your time, money and self into. Some underground “stuff” is going involving money, love or both.

Sagittarius: You contemplate a change in direction, in your life and relationships. Restrictions placed upon you prevent you from making any immediate changes. Not to worry, this is a great time for laying down plans for the future. Cultivate connections with an eye to the future. Enjoy the pockets of fun when they head your way.

Capricorn: There’s a big difference between the face you show in public and your private self. A great deal is going on beneath the surface with you. As you continue your inner search, you come in contact with the pleasant and the pugnacious. You navigate these waters with diplomacy and a fine, firm hand.

Aquarius: Your wide assortment of friends expose you to cultural and career enhancing ideas and events with some plain old fun thrown in. These events spark your creativity and open you to new possibilities. Rearrange goals and broaden plans for the future. Unite the practical and visionary within you. Anything goes!

Pisces: Career moves are in the air. You have achieved and now is the time to reassess and maybe shift gears. This can involve ramping up the path you are on or adjusting that path along a different trajectory. A good time to consult a professional. Listen to this person and listen to your own inner voice as well.

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