Lunar Notes

Aries: Recent events have shifted your focus and sent you in a new direction. Someone may challenge your authority or behave in a less than cooperative manner. Try not to react aggressively. Speak in a reasonable and logical manner. The anger is theirs, not yours. Keep your wits about you as you react in unexpected ways.

Taurus: You’re pulling information from a lot of different sources. Some of that info is coming from deep within. Writing, publishing and expressing yourself reflect the recent expansion in your world view. A mixed bag of the pleasant and argumentative brings out the diplomat in you.

Gemini: Conversations about money, estate matters and shared resources, while not fun, are quite necessary. Your ruler Mercury, in Capricorn, brings you the energy to get it all organized. Take the time to enjoy some holiday fun. Action on the fun front could include some romantic activity. A good time to start a new exercise routine.

Cancer: Passions ignite. What is it that you are passionate about? A lover, an idea, home, family or something novel and new. Whatever; you have some lively conversations with the significant others in your life. Take care of business, but leave time for some fun. A new romance and/or a romantic dinner rocks the holiday season.

Leo: Leo is on fire with enthusiasm about a lot of things as many areas of your life are activated. Your money, your neighborhood, work routine and home front keep you busy. You’re getting hit from all sides. It is not all work and dull routine, though, as you find romance and fun in some unlikely places.

Virgo: Virgo hits the party circuit early in the season and continues through the New Year. You get creative when it comes to party themes and fun activities. Romance is a strong possibility. Friends are near and dear, and introduce you around to folks that prove beneficial to you in the upcoming year. Enjoy!

Libra: You’re busy, active and filled with energy. You’re feeling strong and that is good because your daily life may not be all that much fun these days. Responsibilities and jobs that require sustained effort can be tiring. Keep plugging along; your good deeds will be recognized.

Scorpio: You’ve been feeling the pinch financially for some time now. December will bring some good luck your way as you attract people and situations that improve your chances in the workplace and definitely improve your social life. This is a good time to talk about your ideas; put yourself out there and expand your network. Good things are coming your way.

Sagittarius: Don’t let an argumentative friend or colleague ruin your fun. Some folks need to let off steam. Shake it off. This is the time for you to make some changes. You expend your energy on the things, people and experiences that matter to you. Crabby friends show you what that is.

Capricorn: Life is a mix of the very public and the very private. While you’re out there in the public eye, there’s a lot bubbling beneath the surface. This is a good time to connect with friends and talk about the ideas that have emerged during your quiet times. A friendship could turn romantic.

Aquarius: You receive some favorable reviews from friends, co-workers and those in the know. An old friend returns or some blast from the past fires you up with new ideas and techniques that improve your work and daily life. As the holiday season winds down, you’re ready for some quiet introspection.

Pisces: You receive some recognition for a job well done or for simply being you. Your life is filled with concerts, cultural and sporting events that you enjoy with some very lively friends. Amid all this outward stuff you manage some quiet contemplation. Some answers to some sticky questions come from within.

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