Lunar Notes

Aries: Me-first Aries is helping out the “other guy” for a change. You’re thinking about how you can serve others and still be your unique, independent self. There’s a bit of tidying up going on in your physical surroundings as well as in your unconscious mind. Friends are helpful and fun. Romance and new ways to earn money emerge.

Taurus: Your creativity is enhanced, giving birth to an idea, a work or more genuine self-expression. Your image receives a boost as well. This process of creativity brings your focus to the future and what your plans are for that future. You spend more time with your peer group looking, searching and learning. Sidestep the arguments and remain calm.

Gemini: A connection from the past leads you to a cultural hunt through museums, art galleries and libraries. The goal is expansion and a broadening of outlook as you realize that the world is a much bigger place than you thought. Along the way you may have to deal with difficult people. Keep your cool and remain objective.

Cancer: Your world expands as you open your mind to the infinite possibilities before you. Some relationships intensify as passions are aroused. There are some folks in your life who play the role of wet blanket. You rely on your instinct and pay attention to that gut feeling. Listen to the logic, but listen to your gut as well.

Leo: Managing your resources involves raising your awareness. You are not your money or your possessions. Your worthy self has nothing to do with the “stuff” you own. A revelation shores up your foundation and boosts your self-esteem. Romance and fun social events involve old friends and mature individuals who have their feet on the ground.

Virgo: Your image — how others see you — continues to improve. Relationships, conversations and information exchanges run smoothly for the most part. Some deep penetrating conversations bring anger to the surface. Be pleasant, logical and take a step back. Don’t muck things up with emotion. Find the way through to peace.

Libra: Venus in your house of fun, creativity and self-expression brings just that into your life. The social calendar is filled and you enjoy meeting, talking and romance. This does not preclude some serious thinking about money, self-worth and values. A little down-time and perhaps some meditation might be in order to connect with yourself.

Scorpio: Some folks find you more intense than usual. You don’t let that hold you back as you are filled with energy and ready for action. Some of this might take place on the home front where the conversations are deep, but pleasant, and do a lot to clear the air. Money issues and friendships combine to bring you some very good times.

Sagittarius: You’re trying to figure out why some of the things that you do create the reaction that you get. These reactions were not what you expected. A healthy conversation needs to take place between you and your intimates, as well as your not so intimate relationships. This is a busy and very social period for you.

Capricorn: Life continues to rock Capricorn’s foundation. The latest earthquake involves friends, near relatives and casual acquaintances. Issues from the past rise up and influence your future direction. All of this opens your mind to new possibilities and new philosophies. An argument sparks your creativity. Dream big, Capricorn!

Aquarius: As busy and popular as you are during this period, you feel that it is time for a change. Your ideas are as innovative as they have ever been and you are connecting to the inner guide that has directed you so well in the past. An old and wise friend offers some valuable advice. You articulate your advanced ideas with quiet diplomacy.

Pisces: Getting in touch with the inner workings of your psyche receives a boost from a knowledgeable and helpful person in your life. While duties and responsibilities weigh you down, you sense that you are on the right track.  Some shocking secrets may be revealed involving those close to you. Could be clandestine romance or purloined money.

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