Lunar Notes

Aries: Action-oriented Aries slows down and takes time to explore the inner landscape. As you become aware of the spiritual nature inherent in your existence, you realize your physical well-being is connected to your spiritual well-being. Your physical, emotional and intellectual health are entwined and caring for one cares for the other.

Taurus: Your peer group takes on more importance as you develop and grow through these associations. How much do you give and how much do you get, materially, emotionally and spiritually from those you surround yourself with? You’re digging deep for some answers and you’re looking for the truth. Keep digging.

Gemini: Your objectives shift and you are looking for recognition and appreciation for your efforts and endeavors. You’ve taken about as much guff as you’re going to from the belligerent folks in your life and now you are shooting back with some well-aimed words. In any battle of words, Gemini is sure to win. Go get ’em.

Cancer: Morals and the right and wrong of things occupy your thoughts. You’re going personal as well as global with these ruminations. Quite personally and in your face on a daily basis are some difficult people and situations you can’t avoid. Your intuition is running on high — listen to it. You know what needs to be said, so say it.

Leo: Leo’s awakening to physical and emotional needs — stuff you can’t do without in the material as well as the spiritual world. Passions are aroused as well, and romance could blossom from friendship — a passionate someone who is also quite stable. Maybe too stable for fun-loving Leo.

Virgo: Alliances, partnerships and agreements take much of your energy and focus during this period. In the relationship area, this is a period of endings and beginnings. Not to worry, the long-term gain that follows more than makes up for any upsets that partings may bring. Also could be something as simple as a friend moving out of state.

Libra: There’s a lot of conversation going on with co-workers, siblings, neighbors, anyone and everyone you encounter on a daily basis. Some of this conversation is about improving working conditions, others about improving health and diet. Awareness of emotional and spiritual health and the connection to physical health sparks new ideas.

Scorpio: Bottom line, Scorpio wants to be around people you can have fun with. You have some serious stuff on your mind and you won’t or can’t neglect those serious issues in your life, but you can take the fun when it comes along. Friends are like little angels who drag you out when things get worrisome. Go and express yourself.

Sagittarius: People, events and conversation rock your foundation. Your gut reaction is to move and take action. Slow down and think. Some minor changes can bring huge differences. There’s no need to put on the boxing gloves; a clear conversation goes a long way in straightening things out. A sister or feminine influence paves the way.

Capricorn: Your intellect is running on high. New ideas, conversation and bits of information feed the brain. The clearer your mind gets the more you listen to your intuition. Something has roused that inner voice and you are listening attentively. This is a new avenue for Capricorn.  Stay on the path and prepare to be amazed.

Aquarius: The focus on finances brings questions to the surface involving what is or is not important to you in your life. It will come as a jolt if you have been identifying yourself with your possessions. The search is on for what it is that you really need. A shift in direction as old friends offer sound advice.

Pisces: It may seem as if your eyes are finally opened as you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. The acknowledgement and incorporation of these facets of your being are essential for your development. And you are developing — moving out and up in the world. There is a helpful individual on the horizon. Listen, think, then act.

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