Lunar Notes

Aries:  What you value and what the folks in your life value may not be in sync. You’re figuring out how — or if — you can integrate these disparate values. In the meantime, life keeps throwing you curve balls. Some folks find your unusual behavior attractive, sending you into a social whirl. You like being new and different.

Taurus: Taurus is thinking about the mysteries of the universe and the mysteries that lie within. You’re not shy about talking about your newly gained insights. Along the way, some secrets are revealed. Secret love affairs and/or some shocking tidbit indicate that a scandal is brewing. Fun stuff is coming your way, enjoy it.

Gemini: You’re busy keeping up with the unusual friends and acquaintances in your circle. This social whirl includes cultural events, a bit of travel and some at-home entertaining. A pay raise or a love interest through a work connection keeps it lively. Be wary of that certain someone determined to rain on your parade.

Cancer: Connections made at work or through work boost your social life. Those in authority are quite pleasant while peers and colleagues are the opposite. Through it all, use your energy wisely. Fulfill your obligations, but don’t overdo it. Get the rest that your body needs. Something unexpected shifts your life’s path.   

Leo: A love affair or creative project is put on hold as it requires another look. You prefer to pass your time attending affairs and events that speak to your intellect. Foreign languages, subjects and people fascinate you now. While some minor domestic issues require attention, don’t let that stop you from planning a long-distance trip.

Virgo: A reevaluation of a domestic issue requires a lot of your energy and focus.  Despite this, the romantic and fun stuff arrives along with someone who shares your values. This someone is not your usual type of lover or running buddy. But you’re on an adventure these days. Go, Virgo, go.

Libra: As you go about your daily routine, you encounter angry, serious and somber people. Some relationships, or a particular one, turn out to be a lot of fun, if a bit unusual. Serious and penetrating conversations send you into deep thought. There’s a subtle shift going on as some buried emotions bubble to the surface.

Scorpio: Lots of conversation going on. Some of it is about money — mine, yours or ours. You’re trying to get clear about what’s what and learn what is truly important to you. You’ll firmly defend your position. Your schedule is anything but orderly as unusual events gum up the works. Not unpleasant, simply disrupting. Friends open you to a wider world.

Sagittarius: While you suffer from life’s hard knocks, unexpected pleasures come your way. When the opportunity for some fun times presents itself, jump at it. A romance with someone so totally different livens up your dull days. Don’t ignore the connection between emotional and physical health. A walk in nature clears the head.

Capricorn: You’re in the mood to give your personal space a face lift. Some folks think your décor is a bit unusual, but it suits you fine. You’re also having fun making the rounds and hitting the hot spots with friends, lovers and acquaintances. All the while there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. You’ll talk about it when you’re ready.

Aquarius: A lively life and love happens while you are busy making plans and setting goals for the future. While daily encounters are pleasant and fun, there is no such thing as a routine for you these days. So forget about making and/or keeping to a schedule as this is a busy and disruptive period. Roll with the punches and go with the flow.

Pisces: When unexpected cash flows your way, try to hang onto it. There’s a great temptation to spend it on artwork or some luxury item. Be wary as unexpected expenses can pop up as well. This is a good time to plan very carefully for a dream of a lifetime trip and to begin to lay the financial foundation for that trip.

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