Lunar Notes

Aries:  Busy, busy, busy – but a nice kind of busy, attending events of an artistic or cultural nature. Interaction with others is generally pleasant, but there is a pesky little issue that needs clearing up, a paper signed, a deal struck but not without some haggling. A certain someone is not so pleasant.

Taurus: You finally reach an agreement with someone, but not without first stating your case and taking your stand. Although difficult, things should turn out well for you. Be sure to pay attention to the details.  You’re attracted to the pretty, not the practical now. You may have to reign in impulsive spending.

Gemini: Gemini shines and attracts like bees to honey. Don’t allow some serious, somber person to rain on your parade. Lend an ear to what that person has to say, there is some wisdom there.  But the real wisdom bubbles up from your subconscious. Listen to those messages and take heed!

Cancer: You’re working a lot behind the scenes now and may not receive the recognition you deserve. Not to worry, that will come further down the line. In the meantime enjoy life’s pleasures, and take the opportunity to do the things that bring you joy. Friends are talkative and keep things lively.  

Leo: Leo leads an active life, busy both personally and professionally.  A raise or financial windfall eases some stress. A slight problem in the domestic sphere should be resolved by month end. Romance and fun stuff arrive through connections you have made in the past. Someone wants to get serious. Leo may not be ready for that.

Virgo: Being in the spotlight takes you out of your comfort zone. Nevertheless, there you are. Relax, it will not be unpleasant as you make social connections and broaden your outlook. You are active and exert some effort in getting your ideas out there for the world to see. Some remodeling or moving on the home front requires some muscle.

Libra: Libra longs for the wide open spaces, but can’t seem to get there. The timing’s not right. Some financial details, daily bull crap and personal responsibilities prevail at this time. Don’t give up the dream, plan for it. Later this year the energy shifts for you and a window opens.

Scorpio: Watch out for the muck that floats up from your subconscious. You’re able to verbalize, vocalize and air out all the stuff that has been rumbling around below the surface. Get out there and be ready to move along and get ahead at month’s end. Helpful friends cheer you on!  

Sagittarius: Change is the key word in your life right now. Relationships, personal and professional, public life and private life are in flux. At times your energy levels are not up to meeting the challenges before you. There is a window that offers the opportunity to iron out differences — speak, listen and learn. Fatigue lifts at month end.     

Capricorn: Your daily routine is filled with folks who are pleasant and lots of fun. You encounter a couple of spacey, dreamy types who have you scratching your head.  Working relationships are good despite the shifting authority figures. Some friends want to pick a fight. You can talk them out of it.

Aquarius: Creative endeavors, pleasurable pursuits and other assorted fun things in life occupy you and you fall into it with ease. A verbal exchange with an authority figure, or someone who thinks they are an authority, mars an otherwise pleasant period. Ignore the blustering one and listen to the true wise and loyal friends in your circle.

Pisces: You’re on a journey discovering the new and different. Different to you, that is. You are planting a seed for a new beginning that is generated from your innermost core. Society and the world you live in bring challenges to your vision. But you see it clearly and forge ahead. Month end brings movement and actions toward your goals.



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