Lunar Notes

Aries:  You’ve been hitting road blocks no matter which way you turn. These snags have been occurring in many aspects of your life from the mundane to the spiritual. Some of it is the result of your own inertia. Cheer up – at month end the flood gates open and forward movement begins.  There’ll be no stopping you.

Taurus: Negotiations, agreements and lots of conversations about the people, places and things that matter to you. The Full Moon brings some sobering but uplifting information along with some keen insight about issues that have been occupying you of late. Relationships improve after the 28th.  

Gemini: Some tough negotiations around money, property and principles, the stuff that you value, which very much includes the intangibles. Something or someone simmering on the back burner bubbles up and boils over at month-end. Your communication skills will be called on to soothe the savage beast.  

Cancer: Right now you have the charisma to bring folks your way. Use this ability to attract people and things to you and to iron out differences. And, most importantly, to get your point of view heard. A busy social life gets busier at month end and as passions are aroused, look, romance is in the air.

Leo: Secrets are revealed. Your entire circle of friends and acquaintances is buzzing. The news has you reorganizing and transforming your personal space and daily routine. Questions about those you interact with on a daily basis arise. Some unprincipled types may want to take control. You harness your creativity and use it to gain control.

Virgo: You’re tired of all your routine stuff hitting snags and facing roadblocks. Be patient, by the 4th of July you’ll be crackling like a firecracker. In the meantime, take the time to enjoy some fun and games with your posse. Friends provide amusement, connections and a little romance along the way.

Libra: You’ve had things fairly well organized but the Full Moon throws things out of whack.  Major disruption comes from someone close to you. Money issues get cleared up by month end.  Enjoy your popularity and the favorable reviews you’re getting from the people who can move you closer to your goals.

Scorpio: Feeling blocked and unable to move forward due to events and circumstances beyond your control has you feeling frustrated. As month end draws near all barriers will fall. None of this prevents you from enjoying some music, theater, museums and other cultural events. You look beyond the immediate and see the big picture.

Sagittarius: Seems like the weight of the world is upon your shoulders and it is messing with your head. You know you need to make some changes. Now is a good time to look deep within yourself and find your truth. Some conversations with one of your intimates brings clarity. Saying stuff out loud sharpens your focus.     

Capricorn: Be patient, transformation takes a long time. That is what is happening to you, transformation. It may be outside events that are prodding you along, but often is an inner prompt that gets you going. Pleasant and pleasing people appear and you have some fun with them as well as some serious conversation. It’s all good.

Aquarius: You’re bubbling over with creative ideas to improve your daily routine and liven up your life. There may be some delays in implementing these changes but they should be up and running by the 4th of July. Friends and lovers bring lively conversation into your life. A possible romance emerges from one of those conversations.

Pisces: That vacation you’ve been dreaming about is about to become a reality. By the end of June you should be ready for blast off.  In the meantime, you engage in a lot of fun activities along with some fun loving folks. You don’t neglect your duties while enjoying yourself. Nor do you neglect them when romance comes calling.

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