Lunar Notes

Aries: You’re pleasantly surprised when your dull, boring daily routine conjures up some stimulating conversation and a little romance and provides some fun and games in the areas you know and love. An unusual friend offers some amusement as well. Challenge your serious side with a new course of study or by reading one of those weighty tomes.

Taurus: Your run of creativity continues. While a lot of things in your life are light, airy and fun, beneath it all a lesson is being learned. You are aware of the undercurrent as you probe your inner psyche. The answers are all there. Have the courage to dig deep. This can be a time of deep healing and change.

Gemini: You’ll be having words with those close to you. Things heat up around the Last Quarter Moon. While harsh words are exchanged, you dredge up some forgotten diplomatic skills in order to keep the peace. Keeping the peace does not mean being a doormat. State your case firmly, but with a spoonful of sugar.

Cancer: On the surface you’re busy with a lively social life and a routine that finds you carrying a lot of weight. You carry on bravely. Beneath the surface, self-doubt and fear shake your confidence. Don’t let difficult people rattle your cage and undermine your confidence. Recognize your worth and drop the guilt around fun and romance.

Leo: Money and the things and people you value engage your mind and heart during this period. Last Quarter Moon time brings up a difficult subject that requires discussion between you and a significant other. A message or news from afar shocks you. Roll with the punches; don’t get stuck in old thoughts and patterns.

Virgo: Making changes, improving appearance and a remodel or move on the home front keeps you busy. Words with an authority figure calls for quick wits and soft words. Rise to the occasion. You may be right, but keep an open mind. Be sure you understand and that you are understood. The situation requires clarity.

Libra: Someone in your life has a bout of the crazies, maybe not crazy but certainly unusual. You don’t need the distraction at this time as you are dealing with some difficult people and situations. Take some quiet time, be still and listen. Wisdom comes from that stillness. Be ready to move on when you sense the time is ripe.

Scorpio: Reorganize and restructure your priorities. You’ve changed, and how you use your resources, cash, abilities and possessions should reflect that change. As you set new goals, you may have trouble keeping up with your social life. Your circle expands as new friends, new romance and interesting people enter your life.

Sagittarius: You lead a full and active life these days. Favorable reviews put you in good with those in authority. A project that requires attention to detail suffers when distraction comes from a possible romantic interest. The break is beneficial as you need to be sure to pace yourself and not overwork yourself.  Moderation is the key.    

Capricorn: Your mind reaches far and wide for answers to the big questions you are asking. Your search takes you to museums, art galleries and libraries — all the things that elevate the mind. Your inner life remains active. No you are not nuts, simply aware of the unseen forces at work. Be sure to look before you leap.

Aquarius: Things get a little crazy around you for a while. Shared resources, pleasures and responsibilities get a going over as you clear out the junk in your life. People, ideas and the kitchen junk drawer are subject to a purging.  Removing the clutter allows you to be yourself. Celebrate your uniqueness.

Pisces: People, whether you love them, hate them or are indifferent to them — you can’t escape them. From the personal to the professional and everywhere in between, they engage you in conversation and arguments as well as the pleasant social excursion. Remain open and willing to receive as some of these people will improve your life.

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