Lunar Notes

Aries: Be prepared for upsets and interruptions in your daily routine. Flexible is the key word here. Changes in your diet or exercise routine increase your sense of well-being. Expect new and exciting people to enter your life with the strong possibility of romance. Some reorganizing on the physical as well as the spiritual level is in order.

Taurus: You are changing. The things you do, the people you see, the subjects that interest you and what you talk about all are under review. This is deep change and may take a while to complete. Your relationships run smooth as new people enter your life. Pay particular attention to those who offer a glimpse into a wider world.

Gemini: Be sure you’re communicating clearly. This is a time of misunderstandings, mixed messages and crossed wires, so check, repeat and double check. Some relationships are fun and loving while others are a struggle. You want the freedom to be yourself so don’t let anyone prevent you from expressing your uniqueness.

Cancer: A busy time with lots of conversation, appointments and information that needs to be evaluated. Some responsibilities weigh heavy upon you. There’s a lot that needs to be done, so pace yourself. The domestic scene is tranquil. In any argument or debate, you have the last word.

Leo: Money, values and how you express yourself get shaken up. This impacts you on a variety of levels from the deep, dark psyche stuff to the lighter and airier aspects of your life that include how you amuse yourself. As the Moon waxes you get passionate about someone or something. Use any delays to shore up your foundation.

Virgo: There’s a big shift in Virgo’s life during this period. You may not see or feel the changes, but the seed is planted now. Extra money that arrives needs to be used carefully. There are home repairs or beautification projects that need attending to. A clear conversation needs to take place between you and someone in your life.

Libra: A new era begins as Jupiter enters Libra, ending one cycle while kicking off another.  The first changes manifest as increased social activity with new and interesting people entering your life. You are given to serious thought and quiet contemplation in between your busy social life events. Month-end brings clarity.

Scorpio: A subtle shift in your awareness alters your vision of your future. While the time is not ripe for action with seeds planted, any plans are up for review. There’s a mix of the practical and the spiritual in your ruminations. The things of this world have to be dealt with, no getting around it. Something hidden sees the light of day

Sagittarius: The harsh realities of life force you to look at where you’re going and where you want to go. Serious thinking and nose to the grindstone action can shift your trajectory to the path you want to take. Your friends and acquaintances provide support. A romantic interest with someone you consider a friend is possible.

Capricorn: Capricorn continues to clear the decks, purging and discarding things, people and situations that no longer serve. A lot is going on behind the scenes despite the fact that you seem to be in the spotlight. This is a good time to think about implementing a public relations push. Wait until month-end to launch it.

Aquarius: Estate matters, signing papers and reaching agreements are delayed until month’s-end. Conversations need to be clear and precise so all is understood. Old friends prove troublesome. Hang out with pleasant folks doing things that you enjoy. Romance and other fun stuff arrive from the most unusual places.

Pisces: Some of the folks near and dear to you seem to be changing. They are not very articulate, so you can’t really figure out where they are coming from. Authority figures give you a hard time. This is one of those times when it is best to simply put one foot in front of the other. Keep moving. Things will clear up at month-end.

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