Lunar Notes

Aries: People, the good, the bad and the ugly, are in your face and you can’t escape them. There are those you don’t wish to escape from, while others you need to face head-on. The conversation needs to be clear, precise and forthright. It is best if you speak your truth from the heart.

Taurus: You create new methods to get you through your daily life. You can’t implement them until you clear up some snarly, complex crap that has been left hanging for a while. Use your enhanced creativity to solve the issue and clean the slate. Enjoy yourself with an intellectually stimulating certain someone.

Gemini: Things are moving for you at last. Some conversations become heated — let them and say what needs to be said.  You’re beginning a cycle of creativity and being your authentic self. You’ll surprise yourself as well as others. Quirky friends are full of fun. Hang out with them — you’ll find a source of inspiration.  

Cancer: Some ugliness at work sends shock waves that rock your world. You’re clever and ready with the correct answers. Social, romantic and fun things you do to amuse yourself provide an escape from the ugly. Take advantage of this and enjoy yourself. You juggle work and play, maintaining a busy schedule despite all the snags.   

Leo: Your mind opens to new possibilities, bringing the desire to expand and explore beyond your immediate environment. Those people and causes you are passionate about suffer because you are hindered from acting on your desires. Maintain your focus and take incremental steps to achieve your goals.

Virgo: A financial windfall takes you by surprise. Just in time as much-needed repairs or remodeling on the domestic front falls outside the budget. This period ushers in a time that favors revaluing, reorganizing and shoring up your foundation. Work on, obtain and regain that which makes you feel safe.

Libra: It’s a new day for Libra as the energy shifts and you begin a new cycle of expansion and broadening of your horizons. While the daily routine remains a slog and requires your attention, you get a glimpse and plan for this period of opportunity as you go for the brass ring.  

Scorpio: You hone in on the things that matter to you. You refine, purge and select what you want to keep in your life and what you wish to discard. Your sixth sense is working overtime. Listen and follow that hunch.  

Sagittarius: You need to stay focused and stay the course, completing the dull, boring stuff on your plate with an eye to the future. Opportunities and rewards come about through friends, acquaintances and connections. Now is the time to plant the seeds for future goals. Set your sights and push on.  

Capricorn: An inner search alters your life’s path. You’re laying the groundwork for change and will be ready for action at month-end when energizing Mars moves into your sign. This is a lucky time for you with things going your way and an active social life. Mars reminds you that you have to make the effort in all things.

Aquarius: You’re off to faraway places, literally and figuratively. As you expand your horizons, you rethink your goals and may shift your sights to something new and different. Old friends prove loyal. There’s an issue still hanging having to do with money, estates and/or taxes. Put off signing anything until month’s end.

Pisces: You reach a milestone in your life. You take a look around you and wonder if you are really where you want to be. An interest in beauty and culture sparks some interesting conversations.  One conversation in particular obtains clarity after mulling things over. Something unexpected affects the budget.

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