Lunar Notes

Aries: Seems like everyone is confrontational lately. They’re in your face and you’re in theirs. Some of this has been downright nasty, but the energy is shifting, allowing a little kindness and diplomacy to gain some footing. Folks are open to compromise. Use this opportunity to settle this business once and for all.

Taurus: In general, people and circumstances around you are quite pleasant. There are a few folks and events that challenge your belief systems. As secrets are revealed, your mind opens to new possibilities. Those challenges open doors. A love interest or pleasant companion offers encouragement and a sympathetic ear.

Gemini: Some deep probing brings out your creative side. You write, paint or simply find creative solutions to everyday problems or ways to handle difficult folks in your life. The Full Moon nudges you along a new direction. A romantic interest with an optimistic, sunny personality looms large. Friends bring the party to you.

Cancer: Someone or something rattles your cage and threatens your sense of security. A lot of this is about power and control. Remember, you’re in control so keep your hands on the wheel and stay the course. There’s passion here involving a person or a cause. The Full Moon brings it all out in the open and clears the air.  

Leo: For the most part your days are busy and pleasant. You do encounter some argumentative types on a power trip along the way. Be diplomatic but throw whatever they are dishing out right back. A romance might get serious, although you might not be ready for that. Entertaining at home or decorating the home space appeals.

Virgo: Unexpected money matters pop up. This is on the plus side, although you find it hard not to be extravagant as a result of this windfall. A romantic encounter with a passionate person feels fated. Be wary of obsession. Be sure to see things clearly — the way they are, not the way you want them to be.

Libra: A new day dawns for Libra. You have a new attitude, a new look and new opportunities before you. Your calendar is full with the light and airy — people and activities. This does not preclude some serious thinking on your part. There’s a crack in your foundation and you make every effort to repair it.

Scorpio: As usual, Scorpio puts on a bright and shiny face so no one knows what is really going on beneath the surface. Some serious stuff occupies your mind and while you engage in a lot of fun activities, you take the time for some quiet contemplation. Difficult people are dealt with. Your meditations provide keen insights. Use them.

Sagittarius: Some of the restrictions placed on you are monetary. You spend some time figuring that out then it is on to the things that you do for amusement. Your friends and extensive network provide plenty of social activities and opportunities to party. Go for it. Amid that whirlwind you find hints of where you want to go in the future.     

Capricorn: Like it or not, you’re in the spotlight. This is not a bad thing as it brings many benefits your way. You are filled with energy now and may need to take it down a notch. Some secrets are about to be revealed. Romance blossoms between you and a friend of a friend. A friend also introduces you to a new source of revenue.

Aquarius: Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Be clear about your motives before you act. The subconscious is on fire here and from those depths come the non-rational. Try not to act on that stuff. Cling to your logic and reason and lend an ear to an old friend offering sound advice. Explore new worlds, literally and figuratively.

Pisces: Pay close attention to any tax, insurance or estate matters.  Don’t overlook anything and don’t forget to sign the check before mailing.  Some aggressive friends try to control, you’re having none of that as you quickly put them in their place.  Romance can be found in a library, museum, art gallery or other cultural venue.



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