Lunar Notes

Aries: Someone considering themselves an authority figure is not getting the message that you will go your own way no matter how odd or eccentric it may seem to others. Life these days is a mixture of deep, emotional probing and light-hearted endeavors. There are some helpful folks on the horizon.

Taurus: After a rather testy conversation, there is a new beginning possible in your relationships. Could be one in particular or a rather general change in your view point. One way or another some deep passions are aroused.  Beware of someone into power and control. You guide your own ship; make that clear from the beginning.

Gemini: Some intense exchanges between friends, colleagues and significant others challenge your verbal skills.  While someone wants to get serious, Gemini continues to play the field. Some unusual folks enter your life and you are definitely interested in exploring the connection further. A pesky money/value issue surfaces.

Cancer: You express your authentic self, becoming more articulate as you continue to do so. Someone in your daily life — while pleasant — has visions of being the boss. Cancer will not tolerate any restrictions. This is the new you and friends, colleagues and assorted acquaintances better get the picture or Cancer will move on.  

Leo: Things are complicated and there is no easy solution. You are creative and thinking grand thoughts, but the daily routine is getting in your way. Colleagues are belligerent and challenging. You just want to have fun and someone else wants to get serious, or vice versa. News from afar upsets the applecart.

Virgo: A conversation with a friend sparks new ideas, new ways of thinking and an intellectual exchange with those in your immediate circle. Be prepared for some busy times. Don’t let a passion become an obsession. Keep your mind open to all the possibilities. A shocking money situation resolves to your benefit.

Libra: The new cycle begun in September has you examining your values. This is a deep probe as some things you felt were really important to you at one time no longer are.  Your daily routine is a mixture of fun and games and serious responsibilities. A romance with a serious person is possible.

Scorpio: It’s new beginning time for Scorpio, but there is challenge at every turn. Some are monetary others are more of a spiritual nature. You have been doing some deep thinking lately, looking within and searching for the answers that are right for you. You will move things along, although not without a few confrontations.

Sagittarius: This period provides a pleasant window through which you can enjoy some well-earned, convivial gatherings. There’s an uptick in your popularity. Keep in mind, there is no escaping the bigger framework of your life. Finish things in a timely manner, pay the bills on time, do what you are supposed to do. It will come back and bite you if you don’t.

Capricorn: Your plans for the future receive an assist from a well-informed friend. This pal may be a bit chatty, but pay attention. You’ll find some solid nuggets of info in there. You are filled with energy and ready to roll. A secret love affair or other secret of some kind is revealed. Someone is going to have to pay the piper.

Aquarius: After doing some exploring through the internet, the library or the local land trust, you have turned yourself about and are heading in a new direction. Old friends prove to be valuable. A connection introduces you to a money maker or love interest. When shocking news arrives, don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Think before you act.

Pisces: Interest in the foreign, the new and the different sends you exploring down novel pathways. Life seems better with your nose in a book as interactions with others can be challenging and argumentative, with some folks being over-talkative. You’re in no mood to assert yourself and may let things pass. Come out fighting after careful thought.

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