Lunar Notes

This week the Lunar Notes are written by Stella Z, temporarily filling in for Shirley Prisco.

Aries: Oh, Aries, that wallet of yours is about to roll over and whimper, “Uncle!” It all looks so marvelous and necessary to own right now. Reign yourself in — you can make yourself feel grand without breaking the bank. Time in nature is a magnificent gift to yourself and refuels your soul in a way that shopping just can’t do. Being present and spending time with those who help you recharge works well, too (and costs a whole lot less!).

Taurus: Spotlight is on you, lovely Taurus! The full moon in your sign on the 14th highlights your grace and charm and others sure are taking notice. While some of you may love this attention, those who shy away from it could find ways to use art and music to nurture your inner self. This full moon reminds you to care for yourself just as well as we care for those around us. Comfort food and pedicure, anyone?

Gemini: What’s that song that you dance to, Gemini, behind closed doors? The one that you jam to with your car windows up? Secrets are bubbling right under the surface … let them out to play a little! Listen to that song as loud as you want (yes, with the windows open!), take that class, chat with the cutie in HR. Bringing the secret side of yourself to the light can make you feel amazing these days.

Cancer: You are prone to bouts of sadness and melancholy, Cancer. If you aren’t feeling quite like your wonderful self, let your friends know. This is a time to reach out to your pals who you always take such good care of. Eat, drink and be with those who make you feel like the rock star that you truly are underneath that shell!

Leo: You always sparkle, Leo, but now is your time to positively shine in the workplace. You are getting the job done and your outgoing nature makes people want to be part of your team. As wonderful as you are, don’t forget that your coworkers want to be noticed too. Use those generous tendencies to bring everyone together — you’ll gather admirers and the outcome will be fantastic.

Virgo: Your mind is wandering over the next few weeks, Virgo. It’s not that your current situation is boring, but you’re ready for a break. An exotic vacation could be just what the doctor ordered, but what’s a cash-strapped Virgo to do? Bring the exotic to you! Try a new recipe, listen to a band you’ve never heard before, learn a new language by watching a YouTube video — the far away wasn’t so far away after all.

Libra: So you’ve just had a birthday, lovely Libra — happy new year! This is a time of regeneration. Just as the phoenix rose from the ashes, you too are reborn again every year. Some careful thought to your hopes and goals could make this your best year yet! Shed your old skin and what no longer suits you. The sign of the scales thrives when life is in balance. Is something throwing that balance off?

Scorpio: Happy birthday, my fellow Scorpios! With the full moon in your opposite sign of Taurus on the 14th, you get a little respite from the spotlight and can slink along in the dark as you please. Even as fiercely independent souls, Scorpios feel deeply for those around them. Consider ways over the next few weeks that you could be an even better partner to your partner (romantic/work/etc.). You’ll get more than you expected in return.

Sagittarius: Mercury, the planet of communication, enters your sign on the 12th. Hang on to your hat because those ideas are going to be coming to you fast and furiously! These ideas will be big and exciting, but you won’t have all the details — not yet anyway. Write them down as they come to you … you can fill in the blanks later. Don’t be surprised if you have your best ideas relating to your work.

Capricorn: On the 11th, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into your sign. She’s encouraging you to commit to something (or someone!) you love. What’s a cause, project or relationship that you want to stand with right now? Putting yourself out there isn’t always comfortable for you, Capricorn, but will pay off ten-fold, not only for you but for those who will benefit from your time and attention.

Aquarius: Mars, the planet of action, moves into your sign on the 9th. Nothing like a swift kick in the pants to get moving, except Aquarius doesn’t take orders. So what’s a Water Bearer to do? Trying to harness the Mars energy to do your zany (but loveable) bidding is like swimming upstream. Understand this energy boost for what it is and follow your gut instinct instead of thinking everything through so much.

Pisces: Cat got your tongue? You may find yourself feeling more introspective and less like sharing what’s going on in your dreamy mind, fishy friend. That’s ok — by the 19th you’ll be feeling much more like yourself when Neptune turns direct in your sign. Enjoy this time to explore all those worlds and ideas that you create in your mind, it will add to your air of mystery.

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