Lunar Notes

Aries: You make your New Year’s resolutions early. You’ll want to revise and review them when Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th. Implement them after Mercury goes direct on January 8. You’re in for a direction change, and things will be much clearer to you then. Until that time, conserve your energy and get your ducks in a row.

Taurus: You have some grand ideas and far-reaching plans. This is good, but take a second look. The New Moon at month-end will put a different spin on things for you. Then you can make plans and set your course. Friends and connections provide some fun and games as well as spiritual support.

Gemini: In recent days, someone or something has rocked your boat. You don’t know which way to turn. As Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th it is time for you to look inward and dig deep for the answers you need to do what is right for you. A close look at what is truly important to you will point the way.

Cancer: The conversations you will have, while sometimes contentious, will help you articulate your position and clarify who and what you really are. Sometimes opposition works that way. You get passionate about someone, something or an idea. While duty calls, something unexpected occurs at home or on the job.

Leo: The everyday details of your life require effort, diligence and communication. Some things are due for a change. Use this period to figure out how you can improve things. A relationship gets serious and passionate. While you may be ready for a commitment, attention to the material side of things will pay off in the end.

Virgo: While you may have some difficult conversations that need to take place, there’s some pleasant and sociable people entering your life. There’s a need for you to express yourself, whether through those conversations or through art or some other creative endeavor. A relationship develops with someone a bit traditional.

Libra: All the festivities connected with the holiday season are right up your alley. You enjoy all the socializing, parties and events to the hilt. You may find romance along the way as you are doing something you enjoy. Activity around the home and connection with those most familiar to you have a special meaning.

Scorpio: A busy and active period for you. All this business does not take you far from home. Be wary of overspending on holiday goodies; you’ll feel the pinch later. A connection with someone special has a mystical quality to it. Be careful: See what really is, not what you wish it to be. You continue to be innovative with your daily routine.

Sagittarius: Before the new year even gets here, you are making resolutions about spending habits. Streamline the budget now as next year at this time you will be forced to whether you want to or not. Don’t let that stop you from getting together with friends and colleagues. There is great opportunity there that will affect your future goals.   

Capricorn: Capricorn continues to clear the deck, preparing for something big you know that is coming. You may not know what that is, but you know something’s out there heading toward you. You’re tempted to spend on art or luxury items now. If there’s a practical angle, you’ll go for it. Change at home or on the job is in the air.

Aquarius: Although you may feel like sitting at home with a good book, this holiday season beckons you.  Invitations, cultural events and convivial folks pull you out of the armchair and into the social scene. Someone interesting — perhaps foreign — crosses your path and you may take a second look at this person. Stay cool when your routine is disrupted.

Pisces: You get a jump on the typical New Year’s rush to make lifestyle changes. You’re filled with energy and start an exercise program almost unconsciously. Simple things, like walking an extra block, come natural to you. You’re making plans for the future and your friends are a big help in that area as they help you expand your network.

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