Lunar Notes

Aries: The focus is on love, romance and social networking these days. Life is not without surprises, so you need to be ready to roll with the punches. The period around the Full Moon promises to be particularly volatile, kicking off issues involving the public and private aspects of your life. Your connections bring new opportunities your way, including love and money.

Taurus:  You’re finding that your usual daily routine is opening you to new experiences and ideas, thus broadening your outlook. You see things differently. Some of this is awakening within you hidden aspects that serve to move you in a new direction. There’s some deep transformation going on, in your belief systems and in your value systems. Change is hard for you, but try to be adaptable.

Gemini: Busy is the name of your game this month Gemini. You can handle it, although you need to be sure that you remain focused. It will be hard not to scatter your energies now. Spend your time organizing your work space and routine. Month end brings a love interest and/or more time for fun and games. Don’t settle for less than the best; you’re worth it.

Cancer: Things are moving pretty fast for you. All this activity brings up the issues of money and possessions. Taxes and insurance throw a monkey wrench into the budget. A casual acquaintanceship develops into something a bit more serious. Keep on the alert for unexpected opportunities. You will need to take action at the appropriate moment. Luck is on your side. Pay attention to your hunches.

Leo:  Your life sparkles now, with New Moon in your sign. You create a great impression now so if you need to impress, step out with confidence. Conversations with significant others in your life prompt a rethinking about your relationships. Friendships with like-minded folk offer you new avenues of expression. Social networking plays an important role in your personal life.

Virgo: The New Moon triggers a deep search within. Your delve into your subconscious reveals the hidden ways you act to screw yourself up. Use this knowledge to improve your relationship with co-workers and other personal relationships. You’re able to bring folks to the table now and offer ideas to reach a creative compromise. Someone in the know takes notice, which works in your favor.

Libra: Now is the time to set new goals and make plans for the future. If you can dream it, envision it, you can make it happen. It won’t drop from the sky, but with careful planning and diligence, you’re well on your way. As the Full Moon approaches, you burst forth with creative ideas that impress those in authority. Someone exciting and different enters your life.

Scorpio: The New Moon in your Solar 10th house of career, public life and social standing signals a time of recognition for a job well done. News involving your career arrives sometime after the 8th. As the Full Moon approaches, you find that socializing with like-minded friends brings its own monetary rewards.   It can also bring a new romantic interest into your life. Think creatively!

Sagittarius:  You feel like you are in a rut and long to go off wandering with no particular destination in mind. You want to see the world. Unfortunately, those pesky duties and responsibilities put a lid on your wander lust. You can satisfy that itch with short trips to points of interest in your local area. Don’t overlook the museum, library and any musical events. All serve to open your mind, which is your real destination.

Capricorn: Your social connections, friendships and working relationships are brought into focus.  Some deep probing on your part reveals some of the things you have been tolerating in order to make life run smoothly. You are no longer willing to do that. Time to have that conversation; a healthy dialogue can clear the air. Money proves to be a sore point. Keep the avenue of communication open.

Aquarius:  Folks you deal with on a daily basis, those one-on-one relationships of a personal nature that are more than casual, engage you in discussion, arguments and agreements. It’s a mixed bag. You, Aquarius, value relationships among equals and will not tolerate someone who wants to rule over or control the relationship. Serious discussion is needed; stand your ground and speak your truth.

Pisces: You’re doing double duty – working, organizing on the work front and doing the party thang on your personal time. It’s a juggling act that you are handling very well. At some point, probably around Full Moon time, you are going to need some quiet down time. Take advantage of all the activity, but do delve into your subconscious when that quiet time arrives. Your wisdom comes from within.



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