Lunar Notes

Aries: You fall into a post-holiday slump. There’s a monetary issue that is not clear. Something charged to your account or a debit/credit not applied properly. After the New Moon of the 27th you’re back in high gear. Your ruler, Mars, moves into Aries, revitalizing you and bringing back any lost enthusiasm. Good time to start exercising.

Taurus: Taurus networks like crazy. Your new connections will assist you at month-end when you shift your objectives. You’ll need some down time then to assimilate and contemplate your options. A new course of study, an interest in foreign affairs or simply a trip to the museum help you to get a handle on the big picture of your life.

Gemini:  You’re in the spotlight and getting favorable reviews. This is good, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. You are doing some soul searching as you face challenges in some relationships. The worthwhile relationships will survive, the not so worthwhile will fall by the wayside. Be ready for the arrival of some unusual and fun folks.

Cancer: Conversations begun before the holidays continue to reverberate. Some are ongoing. Some issues of power and control challenge your sense of self. The New Moon at month-end and other planetary shifts shift your point of view. You think about things for a while, then come out swinging. The unexpected keeps the pot boiling.

Leo: You waste no time getting back to business. You’ve lots of new ideas that you wish to implement in your personal and professional life. You have been doing some deep thinking, soul searching in an effort to try and figure out what is best for you at this stage in your life. On the horizon is a pesky relationship that demands attention.

Virgo: The party continues for Virgo, it’s non-stop until month-end. Someone in your life seems like a dream come true. That may be, but keep your eyes open and be on the alert for any clues that indicate otherwise. The New Moon on the 27th sheds light on the situation. This could be a real eye opener. A friend speaks truth.

Libra: Luck continues to ride shotgun, providing you with opportunity for growth and upward mobility. You receive recognition for a job well done. While you continue to work on existing relationships, at month-end the energy provides for someone new and interesting to come along. While you’re having fun, some serious conversations occur.

Scorpio: You continue to speak up about issues that matter to you. You prefer quality over quantity. You avoid the January doldrums by remaining busy. You’re enchanted by someone you can’t quite figure out. A new perspective builds after the New Moon. At that time you’ll be in no mood for nonsense. Folks had better be straight with you.

Sagittarius: You’re dealing with some harsh truths. Long-held ideas and beliefs are being challenged. On the material level, you examine how you handle your resources. A total revamp may be in order. Take a careful look.  Friends provide you a view of the wide world. Someone different and unusual comes along to liven your days.

Capricorn: You continue the process of slow transformation. Difficulties with others reflect the changes within you and they serve you as they bring into sharp relief who you are and what you stand for. Not all is tension-filled. Some folks open you to a deeper spiritual awareness. This is new and strange territory for you. Fear not!

Aquarius: Your life is busy and full of surprises. Remain flexible as interruptions and disruptions require schedule changes and adjustments. You may want to spend quiet time reading a book, but circumstances will not allow. The New Moon in your sign at month-end revitalizes you and shoots you in a new direction.

Pisces: Your charisma attracts all sorts of people, invitations and events to you. Your friends seek you out as they prefer your company to others. You listen and have empathy and help them with their problems. It is not a one way street as they return the favor. An unexpected financial windfall helps to pay the holiday bills.

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