Lunar Notes

Aries: A busy, active life brings about a change in routine. Things can get very exciting as you connect with friends and like-minded people. Your focus shifts to your future and what your goals for the year are. The whirlwind lifestyle you’re leading brings unexpected romance and/or a fun-loving companion.

Taurus: Working on self-improvement forces you to look within to find the key to your happiness. There’s a lot of digging going on and the solutions that arise may cause a shift in direction. Someone helpful you encounter going about your daily business opens you up to new possibilities. You struggle to balance work and home life.

Gemini: People, events and circumstances serve in ways that feed Gemini’s precious curiosity. The intellectual stimulation you receive from friends and acquaintances opens you up to new possibilities in your life. Group exercise, trips to the museum and other daily excursions keep you happy and busy.

Cancer: You’re in the spotlight a lot these days and you may not feel comfortable there. You’re doing some serious thinking about what makes you tick, what matters to you and where you want to go from here. All the attention you are getting distracts you from this inner search. Someone close to home offers wise counsel.

Leo: You’re looking around, beyond the immediate and mundane toward the big picture. You realize that there is a big wide world out there and you want to learn, explore and discover more of it. Travel, reading and cultural pursuits help to broaden your outlook. A helpful neighbor gives a huge assist.

Virgo: Deep rumblings from within spark your ever-present desire to improve your methods and motivations.  Anything that can streamline your routine and everyday existence is a plus for you. There are some money issues that will turn out well for you, although things may take an unexpected turn in that area.  

Libra: Your relationships go through sudden, unexpected changes during this period. Folks are coming at you from out of left field and some of their actions and words are shocking to you. Maintain your equilibrium and endeavor to see both sides of the picture. Be fair and honest, but stand your ground when necessary.

Scorpio: You continue to astound folks with your ability to find new and innovative ways to do the boring and mundane. You receive some recognition for your achievements that put you in the spotlight. You’re not happy beneath the glare of those lights and quickly retreat to your home cave where you relax and enjoy yourself.

Sagittarius: Your newfound discipline has resulted in some astonishing creative breakthroughs. You present your ideas clearly and concisely. Your social life is running at full tilt. Friends introduce you to the new and different.  Some interesting people spice up your life. Pay close attention to the unusual ones.

Capricorn: Your ongoing transformation shifts focus to those things you value the most, what is most important to you. You shoulder your responsibilities to home and family, bringing energy and providing the glue to hold things together. You play an important role in the family dynamic. This spills over into your public life as well.

Aquarius: With the Sun moving through your sign, it is your time to shine. You will be making changes. They could be as simple as a new hairstyle or as dramatic as a change of career. Your ideas are brilliant, so express them. All the action during this period is right at your front door. Some of it is fun, some not so pleasant. That’s life.

Pisces: This is a period of monetary ups and downs. Stick to the budget if you can. Money may roll in, but unexpected stuff keeps popping up. Your subconscious is on overdrive. Pay attention to those gut feelings or intuitive flashes. The universe is trying to tell you something. Take care of business as usual.

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