Lunar Notes

Aries: You’re pumped and ready for action. Some folks want to play nice, but you’re not ready for that. Something or someone has ticked you off and your days of playing nice are over. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Before you burn your bridges, find out exactly what is going on. Listen to a wise counselor.

Taurus: Some behind-the-scenes maneuvering plays a huge role in the shift in your direction. You’re working on a dream, a high ideal, something that seems impossible that you want to make a reality. See the situation for what it really is before you take action. A secret is revealed. You get involved in something clandestine.

Gemini: You’re in the spotlight and you shine. You may change your goals, have a change in authority figures or you may become the authority. All of these are possible. You enjoy your friends and acquaintances with a round of social engagements. Romance with someone who brings the wider world into you orbit.

Cancer: Home loving Cancer spends time making career moves. Something unexpected in the area of your public life disrupts your routine and has you facing some controversy. Stick to the facts and to the fact that you have been taking care of business. Month end brings you some new ideas and coping mechanisms.

Leo: A love affair fizzles out. That does not bother you a bit as you are on to newer, bigger and better things. You may need to have that one last conversation before moving on, a bit of closure there. Once that is behind you the world is your oyster. You dream big and live large. Keep looking and searching for life will bring some surprises.

Virgo: Relationships, money and values take center stage in your life. Some unexpected swings in the financial area can go either way. Money flowing in may flow out just as fast due to home repairs and other unexpected expenses.  Someone enters your life with a strong spiritual aspect. Keep your feet on the ground.

Libra: You’ve been riding a wave of good luck and good fortune. It’s not about to end, but there is a slowing down and readjustment going on. New ideas and new methods accompany new people entering your life. Some of these folks are real exciting but they create a lot of turmoil. Libra maintains the balance a job that is challenged during this period.

Scorpio: Someone in your life want to stir the pot and shake things up. While change is good, disruption for the sake of disruption helps no one. In the midst of this shake-up you have to figure out what will work for you and what won’t. Don’t resist change, but be sure you can work with the results of that change. Through it all, take time to enjoy yourself.

Sagittarius: You’re in for some changes. These take place on a deep level. You may not even be able to verbalize what is going on with you. Not to worry, you’ll figure it out. Some fun times head your way, bringing the possibility of a romance that is hot and sizzling. May not last, but it will be fun and exciting while it is going on.    

Capricorn: Events over which you have no control rock your world. For a while you’re not clear what is really going on. Hang in, soon all will be clear. It is important for you to be able to go with the flow during this period. Observe your inner self and pay attention to what comes bubbling up to the surface. There’s gold there.

Aquarius: Your daily routine is anything but routine. Maintain the ability to roll with the punches. From pleasant encounters to angry belligerents in your face, you face them all. You have no trouble speaking your mind no matter who crosses your path. News from afar can be quite surprising. Roll with the punches.

Pisces: When the harsh realities of life intrude, pay attention to that inner voice. The material world is full of ups and downs now for Pisces. It is important for you to stay anchored and listen to those hunches and gut reactions you have. By month end you will be on a new path having survived the bumpy road that has been your lot of late.

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