Lunar Notes

Aries: There’s a lot of activity around you, both overt and covert. The period between the New and Full Moons will bring out something that was hidden. A romance or money deal has stalled. Things won’t move along in that area until mid-April. A little review is in order. That revealed secret may alter things a bit. Stay cool.

Taurus: A dramatic shift in your personal goals and plans for the future has taken place. You may not be able to articulate those goals, but you sense the change within. Be patient; it will all bubble to the surface eventually. The emphasis is on expressing the authentic you. No more being/doing/saying what others expect of you.

Gemini: You have opinions and you’re not shy about sharing them. Some personal earthquakes in your life have altered your point of view and your direction in life. There’s a lot of activity with friends and like-minded folk. Listen to a wise counselor. Don’t confuse the wise one with the one who wants to rain on your parade.

Cancer: You work on making your dreams become a reality. It is important that you pay attention to your dreams during this period. Dreams provide you with messages that your waking self may not be ready for. Listen to your inner voice. Open up to your intuitive self. The answers are there.

Leo: Money and the things you hold dear are in the forefront. A dream is put on hold until mid-April as you revise your budget and review your priorities. Joint finances and/or other collaborative efforts suffer setbacks as you ask yourself some serious questions. Look, think and meditate before you take the plunge.

Virgo: It’s all about relationships these days — personal, professional, the casual and the serious. Some explosive, secretive action has taken place and you are trying to wrap your head around it. The values you hold dear are called into question requiring you to think things through. Some soul searching and serious conversations are in order.

Libra: Your relationships with those closest to you and those you are in contact with on a daily basis are having their ups and downs. You are feeling benevolent and ready to forgive and overlook certain things. But some of what has been going on is quite bizarre and your patience is wearing thin. Be true to yourself, first and foremost.

Scorpio: Your need to pay attention to finances does not stop you from enjoying yourself with friends, colleagues and romantic types. There’s always that one person who throws a monkey wrench into the works. Despite that irritation, you carry on. You express yourself authentically with someone you connect with spiritually.  

Sagittarius: The recent Solar Eclipse has triggered some conversations with family members that were necessary.  All of this serious stuff makes your social life all the more enjoyable and exciting. Friends introduce you to some exciting people. Romance is a strong possibility. Could be sizzling hot and definitely not stable. Enjoy!    

Capricorn: Weird stuff happens on the home front and during your daily routine — everything from appliance meltdowns to encounters with the paranormal. Capricorns prefer the real world and will have no truck with things that go bump in the night. Nevertheless, events have you paying attention to your dreams and hunches.

Aquarius: Aquarius has money on the brain — how to earn it, spend it and save it. This requires practical thinking. An older and/or wiser friend has some good advice. Your daily routine is anything but routine. Expect disruptions, detours and shutdowns. Be flexible. Amidst the practical, follow your dreams.

Pisces: You are in the midst of change — some small, others big time. For some, this could involve a career or job change. An improvement in the cash flow sparks your interest in faraway places. Don’t act rashly, think it through, let things gel. By mid-April you should know what’s what.

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